Get To Work Active Career Aspirations (4 in total)

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Uploaded: 12th Dec 2017 at 10:06 AM
Updated: 15th Feb 2021 at 1:45 PM
Unlike TS3, one thing that lacks in TS4 is aspirations. The lack of aspirations make the game repetitive and make players unmotivated to try out some features...So here it is! Four new aspirations for GTW active careers!

Compatible With 2020 Apr. Patch

Updated May 11th to be compatible with the Python Update.

Summary :

1.Have three new aspirations under a new aspiration category 'Careers'---'Hound''Top-Class Scientist'&'Guardian of Health' and one new aspiration in the existing 'Deviance' category---'Frankenstein'
2.Custom objectives associated with the aspirations
3.Custom trait 'Active Employee' to keep your Sims focused when they're working actively
4.Four custom reward traits to earn after completing each track
5.Several custom interactions that can be unlocked after earning the reward traits
6.Lots of custom buffs
7.Custom whims associated with aspirations and traits


Hound Aspiration

1. Objectives in “Hound” Aspiration involves participating in the work, solve crimes, and building up Logic and Fitness skill!

2.After earning the reward trait 'True Detective' of the 'Hound' aspiration, you'll unlock the following interactions––

---Accuse of being evil:under Mean category;Use this interaction to make others lose relationship with the accused Sim...unless they're evil, or they're good friends or sweet heart
---Praise the good:under friendly category;Make the praised Sim gain relationship with everyone else present
---Lecture to be a good Sim:under friednly category;Lecture your kid and they have a chance to acquire 'Good' trait
---Show off police uniform:under romance category;There's a chance to make the other Sim flirty

Guardian of Health Aspiration

3.Objective in 'Guardian of Health' aspiration involves being friendly to patients, curing diseases, and building up Logic and Charisma skill!

4.After earning the reward trait 'Virus Expert' of the 'Guardian of Health' aspiration, you'll unlock the following interactions––

---Innoculate:under friendly category;The innoculated Sim will get rid of the disease and will be less like to be sick for a week
---Throw virus solution:under mean category;The Sim thrown at will immediately get sick, but there's a chance you'll also get sick
---Be more likely to become friends with Grim

Top-Class Scientist Aspiration

5.Objectives in 'Top-Class Scientist' aspiration involves inventing things, analyzing chemicals and building up Logic and Rocket Science skill!

6.After earning the reward trait 'Doctor Who' of the 'Top-Class Scientist' aspiration, you'll unlock the following interactions––

---Create Reward Potions:You can create any reward potions in the satisfaction store if you have the required ingredients
---Satisfied Sims:under 'neighborhood hivemind' category on the satellite dish;Have the neighbors's motives filled and gain friendship faster
---Romantic Party:under 'neighborhood hivemind' category on the satellite dish;Make neighbors flirty and gain romance faster
---Ghost Town:under 'neighborhood hivemind' category on the satellite dish;Make neighbors temporarily become ghosts
---Remove Alien Genes:Turn an alien Sim to a human Sim; There's a chance that you'll fail. Note that you have to have a Simray in your inventory to use this interaction

Frankenstein Aspiration

7.Objectives in 'Frankenstein' aspiration involves being mean, use the inventions to create chaos, and making a difference!

8.After earning the reward trait 'Black Tech Guru' of the 'Frankenstein' aspiration, you'll unlock the following interactions––

---Test SSC:under mischief category;This interaction will immediately set the other Sim on fire
---Clothes resolving ray:under 'neighborhood hivemind' category on the satellite dish;Make the neighbors naked and embarrassed
---Clothes resolving ray:under mischief category;This interaction will make the other Sim naked and embarrassed.
---Mind Control: WooHoo
---Transfer Negative Emotions:When your Sim is suffering from a negative moodlet, use this to make others suffer for you
---Transfer Motives:There are seven interactions in this menu; Drain others' motives and fill your own
---Incept Memories: Incept different memories will result in different results.

Happy Simming!

Install Instructions
This IS a SCRIPT MOD! Please make sure to enable script mods and NEVER place a script mod under a sub-subfolder.

Additional Credits:
-Brittpinkiesims(on Hiatus so no link here)
-xldsims(for the hairstyle in one of the screeshots)
-Sims 4 Studio
-Notepad ++