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Natural De Fences

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 13th Mar 2018 at 11:03 AM
Updated: 20th Apr 2018 at 3:47 PM - Adding useful Information
Here is a *little* natural something for you today, 9 new fences and 2 new gates!
My Lots didn't seem to have enough border fences...and nothing would fit. I thought...what about Flowers?
They make such a wonderful edge! No need tending.

This set is composed of...

-The Wooden Trellis Fence 10§
(Requires Pets)
-The Wooden Trellis Fence With Vines 10§
(Requires Pets)
-The Wooden Fence Gate 15§
(Base Game)
-The Wooden Fence Double Gate 25§
(Base Game)

-The Flower Fence : 2§
white tulips - pink hibiscus - daisy - cattails - fountain grass

-The Flower2 Fence : 2§
poppy - daylilies - iris

-The Flower3 fence : 2§
pansy - marigold

-The Gerbera Fence 2§
-The Dandelion Fence 2§
-The Sunflower Fence 2§
-The Bamboo Fence 2§
*All these Flower Fences requires Pets.

All 9 fences & both gates have proper Groundshadows, though it might be hard to see on the pictures provided.
Taking pictures of fence/gate is not the easiest!

All meshes used are Maxis, except for the dandelion flowers...I made this. There were no dandelions in the game. Their leaves though, comes from the *weeds* that we do have.
Both Wooden Trellis fences are as high as a wall panel. Talk about *intimate* fence.

The Wooden trellis fences won't let your Sims walk through it..otherwise, ouch!
(Cloned from Space-O-Rama Divider By Spitz, from Pets EP)
This is why the Gates.
But all the other Fences made out of flowers, sunflowers or bamboo, your Sims will be able to cross over them.
(Cloned from The Great Divide By Divisise Divicrats, also from Pets EP)
All Fences can be found in the Fence section, and gates in the Gate section, in Build Mode catalogue.
*Everything will be so easily recolorable once you see how the textures were made... *

Drag them from left to right...then from right to left, to create diversity and awesomeness.
Garry loves it....

They would be a great addition to crocobaura Grass Patch Fencing !

Polygon Counts:
S= Straight, D= Diagonal, P= Post

The Wooden Trellis Fence :
S 146
D 154
P 2

The Wooden Trellis Fence With Vines :
S 710
D 718
P 2

The Wooden Fence gate :
Joints: 666 The original Maxis was 1284!
Panel: 23

The Wooden Fence Double Gate :
1344 The original Maxis was 2330!

The Flower Fence :
S 643
D 643
P 1

The Flower2 Fence :
S 694
D 694
P 1

The Flower3 fence :
S 519
D 519
P 1

The Gerbera Fence :
S 664
D 664
P 1

The Dandelion Fence :
S 239
D 286
P 1

The Sunflower Fence :
S 468
D 542
P 1

The Bamboo Fence :
S 643
D 643
P 1

Additional Credits:
SimPE, PaintShop Pro, MilkShape 3D, The Game.