Event Planner Career

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Hello Everyone!

Event Planner Career

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We've had Event Planners for Sims 2 and Sims 3, but not for Sims 4, as far as I could find, so here you go!
The career name is the only thing I took from the earlier games. All of the levels and objectives are by me.
Anyone who wants to translate to languages other than English, please let me know!
**Italian Version Now Available Thanks to redabyss **
**French Version Now Available Thanks to cinthila **

15APR- Anyone who has had text issues with this career, please redownload V2

Send your Sim off to a fun filled day of learning the skills of event planning.
The best event planners can do it all. They are accomplished in many skills related to partying and organizing,
and are interested in helping others with their weddings, dance parties, corporate events, and much more.

This is a 10 level career. Chance cards for irresponsible and responsible traits are active only if you have Parenthood installed, as with any TS4 career.
Mood and skill requirements vary, as many of the levels are quite different from each other.

Start out as a Friendly Face and finish as an Elite Event Planner for Five Star Sims Events, the premium event planning
company in town.

LevelSchedule$ Per HourPTO Days Earned Per DayMoodObjectives
1-Friendly FaceM-WT-SS 10AM-8 hours180.2HappyCharisma 2
2-Funny Face-TWTFS- 4PM-8 hours250.2PlayfulCharisma 3 Comedy 2
3-Daring Dancer--WTFSS 2PM-8 hours400.25PlayfulCharisma 4 Dancing 2
4-Dabbling DJMTW--SS 4PM-8 hours600.25ConfidentDJ 3 Dancing 2
5-Magic Mix Maker-TW--SS 4PM-10 hours850.25ConfidentCooking 3 Mixology 3
6-Ordinary OrganizerMTWTF-- 8AM-8 hours1100.3ConfidentCharisma 6 Writing 3
7-Accomplished AdministratorMTWT--- 8AM-10 hours1400.3ConfidentCharisma 7 Writing 5
8-Efficient Event PlannerMTWT--- 8AM-10 hours2000.3ConfidentLogic 3 Writing 7
9-Exceptional Event PlannerMTWT--- 8AM-10 hours2750.3InspiredCharisma 8 Writing 8
10-Elite Event PlannerMTWT--- 8AM-10 hours3500.3InspiredCharisma 10 Writing 9

LevelJob Description
1-Friendly FacePersonality produces patrons. Win them over with a smile and a kind word to show them you care.
2-Funny FaceA good joke keeps clients and their guests happy. It never hurts to have a sense of humor and keeps them coming back for more!
3-Daring DancerGetting the moves down builds confidence and is so much fun! Not to mention all the people you can meet out at the clubs who just might want a party of their own planned.
4-Dabbling DJDance parties require a DJ so it's good to have experience to help in choosing the best for your clients.
5-Magic Mix MakerKnow your drinks!
6-Ordinary OrganizerIt's time to get intimately involved in the pertinent paperwork. Learning the ropes as it were.
7-Accomplished AdministratorStart learning to put together all your planning into cohesive packages. Clients want to see theme party ideas as part of your professional portfolio.
8-Efficient Event PlannerNow you're getting it together! People come to you because you are organized with excellent party ideas. Keep up the hard work.
9-Exceptional Event PlannerYour clients are now looking for something extra. Your average party just won't do. Give them lights cameras action!
10-Elite Event PlannerCongratulations! Only the best will do and the best is you. Parties extraordinaire wonderful weddings corporate gatherings. Nothing is too difficult and you are the one everyone goes to to plan their events.

Made with Neia's Create-A-Career tool in game version

Unzip the contents of the download file into your Mods folder. If you already have the Neia_Careers_Commons package in your Mods folder,
it is not necessary to put it in again.

Parenthood is required for the Chance Cards to work.
From Sims Community here is a spoiler on the chance card info.

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Additional Credits:
Neia's Create-A-Career tool
Sims 4 Package Editor
Photoshop CC and the game for the career picture