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Boroughsburg Teaching Hospital

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2018 at 4:48 PM
Updated: 13th Jan 2020 at 11:44 AM - Updated Ver 3 + Screenshots
Update: Version 3.0
My apologies, if you've downloaded my lots you know I don't usually update it this much. This update is again, unnecessary if you've downloaded previous versions. This is for House fans or people with OCD like me.
Basically I've been watching a lot of House episodes lately and decided to update just the 3rd floor to be more like the TV show.
- Diagnostic conference room was missing a whole section I didn't see before from still shots. It is much bigger now.
- Wilson's office is slightly wider, including a coffee table that was missing before. Both House's office and doctors' lounge are longer, but hardly noticeable.
- reduced the 4 tile hallways to 3 and expanded the 2 tile hallway outside Wilson's office to 3. This is to keep it consistent at 3 tiles all the way through. Added benches in the 3 tile hallways.
- Moved the furnished patient's room in Neurology closer to the help desk, reflecting more like the TV where most patient rooms were shot from this location.

Update: Version 2.0
This is a minor update. You do not need to redownload if you download the 1st version. I needed to redo some of the screenshots, so I might as well upload the new version.
- In my haste, I actually forgot to finish landscaping the right side of the building. So this version has landscaping around the 1st ground level
- There was 1 tile in the courtyard that was somehow deleted and 1 wall tile which was the wrong texture. Very minor fix
- Cafeteria food register is block. Originally I hadn't plan on putting a register here, only a deco monitor. I altered the employee hidden area to create a path to the register. Minor change, you can see it in the updated floor plan for the cafeteria.

Lot Description:
This hospital is built for the custom world Boroughsburg by Potato-Ballad-Sims (Download Link). It is built on Public Housing Lot 1, or 1 Gotham Court. However, you can put it in any world you like. The hospital is loosely based on the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital from the TV show House MD.

A hospital is difficult to build b/c it comes with a lot of departments, etc... To include them all would make the lot too overbloated. The lot is built with a hospital rabbithole in mind, but it is a playable lot too. The RH entrance is the ER entrance. To reduce redundancy, hidden rooms are used as much as possible. For example, instead of having 10 examine rooms in the clinic, only 1 is actually furnished while the rest are hidden rooms. This also goes for many of the departments b/c they're redundant.

All hospital CCs come from the same set. This is to reduce CC and make it easier for downloaders. However, this also means certain rooms are not included. For example, the morgue is located in the basement, but it is only a door. The set I used didn't come with CCs for a morgue. However, I have included a link in this post to other hospital CCs if you wish to build one.

I named it a teaching hospital because I intend to build a city college on 2 Gotham Court. I wanted to put the School of Medicine on this hospital lot in my game later.


1st Floor: Main Lobby, Clinic, Cafeteria, Gift Shop, ER, Urgent Care, Lecture Hall, Surgical Room, Pre Op, Office of Dean of Medicine (Dr. Cuddy's Office), Doctors Offices, Courtyard, Pharmacy

2nd Floor: Post Op, Conference Rooms, Chapel, Maternity Ward, Nursery, Pediatric, Radiology, Cardiology

3rd Floor: Diagnostic Department, Oncology, Doctors Offices, Doctors Lounge, Neurology, Longterm Care, Pathology, Laboratories, Dr. House's Office, Dr. Wilson's Office

Basement: Parking Lot, Sleep Lab, Morgue, Autopsy

Floor Plans:

1st Floor:

2nd Floor

3rd Floor:

EP List:
Expansions Listed are ones I own, if you are missing some, you'll simply miss out on a few furniture or textures, nothing really important

CC List:
* "Hospital Rabbithole Door" by Jynx (Petfix Ver) (Non-Pet ver) Rabbithole Door is the ER door.

Around the Sims 3 CCs by Sandy:
* "Sims 4 to 3 GTW Hospital Set" (Link) All the hospital CCs come from this set. These are the ones NOT used: contaminant barrel, medical diploma, eye chart, hand sanitizer, tower dispenser, wall light, computer, invisible arcade, floor line.

* "ATS3 first line - cafeteria buffet" (Link) These are the buffet tables used in the cafe. Unfortunately it is a donor item, can't find a free link. It is not necessary as the cafe already has a food register. You can replace with simply counters or other food vendors.

* "ATS3 Recording Studio - Computer Screen (deco)" (Link) This is a deco computer screen used throughout the lot.

* "ATS3 sport posters" (Link) Just a deco poster. Not important.

* "ATS3 City - Bus Shelter Bench" (Link) These are the benches used on the 2nd and 3rd floor area.

Other CCs:
* "modern line two tile doors" by Hudy777 (Link) These are full size glass doors used a lot through this lot.

* "Shhh! it is a library door" by EA Store (Link) Door to Cuddy's Office. It is replaceable.

* "VKG - Adele_liamWindo3_conversion" by Veritas aka KG (Link) Windows used in the Cafeteria

* "Eames Wire chair wire legs" by MarcusSims91 (Link) Chairs used in Cafeteria outdoor seating.

* "Dot's LED Puck Lighting p3s/p4s" by DOT (Link) Ceiling Lights used throughout the lot.

* "Cafe break set coffee machine / menu board" by Mensure (Link) Beverage machine and menu board in the Cafeteria.

* "glass tile 4x12" By Lisa 86 (Link) Glass walls used in the Cafeteria.

* "audrey office letterbox" by buffsumm (Link) Letterbox wall deco.

* "Ikea Inspired Lillanden Bathroom Cart" by The NumbersWoman (Link) End table used in the surgical room and examine room.

* "modern fence v.3" by wondermoon (Link) Fences used for outdoor area.

* "All glass window" By Playful (Link) I should have left this one out. I used it only for the diagnostic department's hallway window. I should've used another full glass window that came with the game instead.

Requires TSR Pet Fix: (Link)
* "pacific sofa / chair" by cazarupt (Link) These are the sofa/chair in the main lobby and the lobby in Neurology.

* "cappucino dining room chair" by mensure (Link) Chairs used in the Cafeteria

Lucky Palm Items: (Link)
* "clearstory rectangular window" - Used in the friezes above 1st floor windows.

* "heavenly Bells slanted column" - Columns in front of ER door.

Known Issues:
* Elevator only goes to the basement. This lot is created with friezes, so the elevators won't work. Sims will use the staircase.

Lot Size: 45x55
Lot Price (furnished): 818465
Lot Price (unfurnished): 284643

Comparison Shots: