Passeig de Xabia - Three Terraced Houses - Apartment Life

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2019 at 6:42 PM
Updated: 13th Aug 2019 at 6:47 PM - correction
Hello everyone! After 15 years playing The Sims 2 and 7 years being on ModTheSims, this is my first upload. I have been thinking for a long time in sharing my buidings and I know I may be a bit late Still, I see there is plenty of people playing the game these days and I would like you to enjoy my creations.

The three terraced three-story houses, each one with their front and back yards, are inspired in the Art Nouveau style villas from the early 20th century built in Catalonia and Valencia by the bourgeoise class as (mostly) recreational residences ("vil?les" and "torres"). Of course, my creation is loosely based on Catalan Art Nouveau, so don't judge it as a faithful reproduction of this style.

This is and old creation of me. I built the red house in the middle and then I decided to build her sisters on each side to make this beautiful Apartment Life lot.The nature of the lot is also inspired by the tradition of families building identical adjacent apartments/houses/condominiums (depending on their $ and status) for them and their descendants families (i.e.: a father with two children builds a house with three apartments or three terraced houses, one for him and the others for each of his children and their future families; in case of condominiums, each one of them living in each first floor and renting the rest of the apartments above). If this has inspired you, you can reproduce this tradition in your game, or just put different families in each house as in regular Apartment Life play. Of course, you are the master of your own sims stories

Technical lot specs
- Three almost identical terraced houses
- 3x4 lot
- Lot value: 230 846 $
- Apartment Life lot

Individual house specs
- Front and back yards for each house
- The houses are basically furnished - ground floor, master bedroom and bathrooms provided with basic furniture respecting the lot style
- Ground floor: Little entrance hall, living room, dinning room, kitchen, toilet
- First floor: Master bedroom, three extra little rooms, toilet and bathroom
- Second floor: Three rooms, toilet/bathroom
- Apartment rent: 4 336 to 4 426 $

Maybe you will think that the floor plans are a bit awkward because of the little rooms, narrow corridors, and of course, lack of "open concept". When building these houses I tried to respect the building spirit and trends of the period: at that time houses were built for families with multiple children (lots of little bedrooms needed) and also having several sitting rooms (living room, fumoir, sewing room, etc) was the trend of the time. Moreover, usually land was proportionally far more expensive than what was to be built on it, so houses tended to grow vertically, not horizontally. Nevertheless, having used a copy of this lot for years, I don't think that this lot's playability is diminished. Anyway, take it as something out of normal, or even a challenge, specially if you are not familiar with this kind of old houses ^^

In any case, I will be very happy of reading your comments about what you think (: It is also my first upload, so I will be pleased if you tell me if something is wrong.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price (furnished): 230 846 $

Custom Content Needed:
- 1910 Wall Phone and its reolours by -Maylin-
- 4ESF Outdoor5 Rosebush and its recolours by 4ESF
- Floral Marble Flooring by joninmobile
- Modern Georgian Manor Set by phoenix_phaerie
- Manor House Garden Mid-Size Hedge by phoenix_phaerie
- Garden Bay by macarossi
- Art Nouveau Fence B in Ash Wood and Pewter Metal by GiveTheNineARide
- Hibiscus coccineus by alex_stanton1983
- Hibiscus coccineus blue recolour by alex_stanton1983
- Hibiscus coccineus no flower recolour by alex_stanton1983
- Hibiscus coccineus pink recolour by alex_stanton1983
- Cordyline australis (4,5 m - 3 pieds) by alex_stanton1983
- Simnuts101 - Le Petit Trianon Collection by simnuts101
- Simnuts101 - Le Petit Trianon Collection part 2 by simnuts101
- La Fenêtre (Window) Expansion Set by tbudgett
- Lafenetre Nostalgia by windkeeper