Swappernetters - Trista Clarion House (season 2 version)

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Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2019 at 7:02 AM
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I recently attempted to upload the Twirlflame Trio from Swappernetters here. While there were some issues with that (details in my journal), I thought:

"Wouldn't the house be much more interesting for players?"

So I attempted to re-create Trista's house - one of the hideouts the heroes use.

What this upload carries

Swappernetter Society Frontliner boss Trista Clarion, who hosted Tabitha Pang and her friends, first bought this house to use as a front - a run-down house with a lot of potential residing not far from downtown Little Rock (not based on any real house though.)

With freelance help from other Frontliners, Trista was able to rig some catacombs that connect her hidden basement mission control room / medical clinic to a metal shed in her back yard. Also, to the subway system that the Chrome Kite installed. This allows Frontliners to use the subway system to very efficiently reach various checkpoints - provided they don't get hit by a train!

While she hated the Chrome Kite, she allowed Cold Digit to set standards for her renovations of the exterior. She let those she trusted, however, construct her hidden room. The other parts of her house were only regime-accessible when she knew no wanted individuals would be there.

This file is the house more or less how it looked post-renovation, right before it was destroyed by domestic missile fire after Arbini became panicky and desperate over the Bliksemhek debacle, and Trista was suspected of ties to Tabitha Pang.

Note: If it were just any Frontliner, Arbini's reaction would be more sane. But this was the daughter of the sidekick of John Domeck - the Gray Champion himself! In a fit of "All Hail Rappaccini," Arbini sought to prove himself by way of extreme tactics.


Q: This seems like a scaled-down version of a much cooler concept. What's the deal?
A: The original build was in Sims 3; so I attempted to remake it for Sims 4. Over time, it's renovated into a futuristic design that is Chrome-Kite-regime-standards-compliant. If you want to know the differences between the Sims 3 and Sims 4 versions, that will be in my journal.

Q: If this is season 2, where's season 1?
A: If you want the full-blown original version in disrepair from season 1, that's not possible. Details in my journal.

As for a pretty close resemblance? That's not possible on MTS, but you can get it from the Sims 4 Gallery - provided you also download a crap ton of other CC. Again, details in my journal. Sorry to those wanting more trashed houses; but I have millions of details to iron out before I can create the sort of grunge and destruction-otica that every player craves for their games - and a lot of M.I.A. creators to collaborate with.

Q: What about the cast? Where'd they go?
A: Details in my journal.

Technical difficulties, documented in more detail in the journal, have forced me to reconsider including them on MTS. However, they are pretty easy to re-create with minimal CC. Their face sculpts don't require anything too special. They require minimal makeup, all game standard. They are original characters, even if I found a model with a vague resemblance to Tabby. Other than Tabby's gloves and Sarah's belt, and the skin overlay, all their parts are game standard. Their eyes in screenshots are a default override, and are totally optional. My journal should include instructions on how to dress them - or similar characters with their worldview / lifestyle.

Required / recommended CC

The house itself if downloaded straight will have a lot of missing wallpaper and floor detail. To prevent this, you'll need my Sims 3: Into the Future conversions:
While I didn't have a tick box available at this time, you also will want to have downloaded the Moschino Stuff Pack!

House is designed for Brindleton Bay.

Schema by level and room

Obviously, let's start at the bottom. There are the catacombs, with a passageway leading into the subway system. Now, I used the door from Strangerville; but it should be a hidden door like in World Adventures' tombs. Alas, I couldn't convert that object. So use your imagination. The catacombs have what should be a hidden stairway, though I don't have it hidden here. That hidden stairway leads to a hidden room inside a storage shed Trista uses for her lawn mower and accessories. The former Lambrelli Labs lady is pretty resourceful.

The other hidden room led to by the catacombs is Trista's mission control room, which doubles as a miniature hospital. It's hidden behind her laundry room in the basement, which is supposed to look like it's the only basement-level room.

On the first floor, we have a basic setup of a garage, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and back porch. Not much of anything interesting to see there.

On the second floor, we have a hallway that's not that interesting. But it leads to a massive study. With curtains drawn, the study becomes an excellent classroom for Swappernetters of all sub-classes. Trista sometimes lets Beauregard use it for a tutoring center for struggling youth who can't quite read, to serve as a cover for the room's real purpose. There are two bedrooms on the top floor as well, and a bathroom.

When Trista first moved in and got her mission control room established, the house was all boarded up. The yard was a disaster of overgrown grass and weeds. Various Frontliners working for her on and off have come and gone, many of them helping her with the yard and with home improvement tasks. What started as a crate-ridden effort to clean up what looked like a condemned crackhouse, turned into a pretty decent futurist home.

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 184,596
Lot Price (unfurnished): 54,862

Update 9/11/2019: A missing TrayItem file has been found and added in. If you had a version of this without, re-download and get the version that contains a Tray Item. Not sure why it didn't zip with the rest of the files in the first place, when I selected everything with the same Date Modified, but whatever. This new version, I tested, and all files were intact. So it should work.