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Nautical Living [NO CC]

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Uploaded: 14th Nov 2019 at 5:53 PM
Hi, Everybody!

This house is influenced by:

- My fascination at baroque inspired ascending garden terrain structure
- Nautical decor
- Colonial house shell


House (Hi)Story:
Home to a famous seafarer and explorer of the late 19th century and surviving the turn of age into the new millennia. This house has been brought to the modern world with both contemporary and historical touch. Featuring its authentic rising garden entrance, nautical interior, and beautiful gazebo scenery. Along with the necessity for modern lifestyle including al fresco dining, and poolside bar. Just so you can feel the authenticity of drinking and swimming like an avant garde seafarer.


Size: 40x30
Type: Residential
Style: Nautical, Colonial, Contemporary
Price (Furnished): 370.198


Floor Plan Highlights:

- Wellness Center
= Gym
= Zen Studio
= Sauna
= Bathroom
- Garage
- Laundry & Boiler Room
- Pantry
- Bathroom

1st Floor:
- Hallway
- Living Room
- Dining Room
- Kitchen
- Conservatory

2nd Floor:
- Common Room
- Master Bedroom
= Closet
= Bedroom
= Master Bathroom
- Kids Bedroom
= Study Desk
= Activity Area
= Bathroom

- Gardens
= Cactus Garden
= Tropical Garden
= Victorian Gazebo
= Al Fresco Dining
- Pool Area
= Hot Tub Gazebo
= Bar
- Basketball Court

Technical Stuff:

File contain 2 blueprint:
- Nautical Living
- Nautical Living Mirror

This is just in case you want to rotate the lot 180 degrees
and because the heavy terrain manipulation,
you can get conflicting terrain constraint error.

As Always, Enable Move Object Before Placing

Hoped You Liked It & Happy Simming!

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 370.198

Additional Credits:
TOOL by TwistedMexi