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17 Lilliput Drive - Mini Modern Starter Home (No CC)

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Uploaded: 25th Feb 2020 at 7:06 PM
Updated: 27th Feb 2020 at 9:27 AM
17 Lilliput Drive

Hey all,

Second residential lot posted here, this time I'd like to share my second instalment to my Lilliput Tiny Homes Series. 17 Lilliput Drive is a cozy modern starter home built on the edge of a small pond. The house opens up to a lovely kitchen/living room space overlooking the pond on the left side of the house, with the right side housing a staircase that leads us to the open bedroom with access to the balcony. The bathroom is underneath the staircase.

No custom content required. Comes with an unfurnished option, basic furnishing option and a fully furnished and decorated option.

Lot Size:

Lot Price:
Unfurnished: 17,642
Basic furnishing: 19,502
Fully furnished and decorated: 47,077

Basics Included:

Unfurnished: Completely empty, only ceiling lights included and landscaping.

Basic furnishing: cheap essentials. Fridge, counters, stove/oven, fire alarm, ceiling lights, sofa, coffee table, bed, dresser, telephone, shower, toilet, sink, mirror, desk, chair, patio table, light landscaping.

Full Furnished and Decorated: decorated the way I intended. Higher quality furnishings, more plants and clutter, a stereo, bookshelf, painting easel, telescope, computer.