CASUnlocks v1.5

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2020 at 4:59 PM
Updated: 4th Sep 2022 at 10:00 AM
Gameversion [04/09/2022]
Removed gloves for Mermaids in non Support Version.
Unlocked Shoes for Werewolves.

Gameversion 1.90.358.1030 [26/07/2022]
Updated CASUnlocks and CASUnlocks Support Version for the newest patch.
Unlocked Body Hair for all occults.

Gameversion [18/06/2022]
Crilender CASUnlocks VampScarsBG v1.3.
Updated CASUnlocks and CASUnlocks Support Version for Werewolves patch.
There are many empty CASMenuItems that you can fill with CC.
I've moved some CASMenuItems in order to make the UI look clean, but that cause some glitch when selecting Werewolves Face Presets.
Unlocked Body Scars CASMenuItem for basegame and all occults.
Unlocked Tattoo, Makeup, Hat, Hair, Facial Hair, Skindetails and Vampire Scars CASMenuItems for Werewolves.
CASUnlocks VampScarsBG It's now Included in CASUnlocks and CASUnlocks Support Version.
Facialhair remains Vanilla since unlocked doesn't work propertly.
Support Version now works on all occults.

Gameversion 1.79.93 [20/09/2021]
Updated CASUnlocks and CASUnlocks Support Version for Spa Day Refresh patch adding the new Fingernails and Toenail CASMenuItems.

Gameversion [05/08/2020]
No update required.

v1.1 [19/03/2020]
Updated Regular/Support/VampScarsBG Versions. Unlocked Makeup category completly, Disabled FacialHair for female sims.

This mod unlocks CAS categories that were restricted for adults or for an specific occult sim/life estate, for can be used for any type of sim.

Downloads Info:

CASUnlocks Regular & Support Version Contains:
Unlocked Vampire Scars for BaseGame & all ages/occults.
Unlocked Tattoos all ages.
Unlocked Makeup for all ages.
Unlocked Body Scars For BaseGame & ages/occults.

About Support Version:
This version only adds a shortcut to Gloves.

v1.3 is built with game version PC it is probably not backwards compatible.

It will conflict with any other mods that modify the below resource:


Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio