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Brindleton Bay Summer/Base - Cats and Dogs/Spring Fix

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Uploaded: 18th Jul 2020 at 8:30 PM
Brindleton Bay is my favorite world, but one aspect of it always irked me after Seasons was released - the base version of the world has an early autumn aesthetic. That was perfectly fine when there was no Seasons, but now we have Springs and Summers where the trees are awkwardly tinted with autumn colors, some of the grasses are dry, and the terrain is a duller green.

With this mod I set out to fix that. The base Cats & Dogs world trees, grasses, and terrains have been edited to be more vibrant and green during Spring and Summer, like in EA's other temperate region worlds. This is achieved by overrides of the terrains and plants.

Three Things to Note:
  1. Seasons should not be required to use this mod, although I intended it for use with Seasons. If you don't have Seasons this mod should simply remove the autumn aesthetics from the base world, if that's what you want.
  2. One Tiny Caveat: In order to achieve this mod, the world trees' extra swatches were removed. This means all of the trees use the same swatch for each type and will have a less varied in color autumn than Brindleton Bay had before, but all of the trees, plants, and terrains do still change over the seasons as intended.
  3. A Manual Aspect of the Mod: Both the world and Build Mode White Birch had to be edited for this mod. The Build Mode Birch retains all of its base autumn-like swatches, it just has my greener more vibrant swatch added onto it, as well. This means that White Birches that are on lots already will keep the same autumn-like swatches and you will to go in to each lot and edit each one to my new swatch to get the full effect of this mod. I did this to retain of all the swatches to retain player choice, since this is a Build Mode object.

In-game Image Comparisons:

This mod will conflict with other mods that override EA's terrains and plants, such as k-hippie's!

There are two different downloads, ONLY DOWNLOAD ONE:
  1. Merged: This file has all of the trees and plants merged together. The terrains are still in a separate package (titled simply brindletonbaysummerdefaultterrains), just in case you want to remove those to use with k-hippie's or anyone else's terrain override mods (NOTE: Their plants override will still be incompatible even if you remove the terrains package!)
  2. Separated: This file gives you every single tree and plant individually in addition to the terrains file, just in case there are some you prefer the EA version of. The same as above, you can remove the terrains package if you wish to use k-hippie's or anyone else's terrain override mods.

Additional Credits:
PhotoShop Elements 9