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Aubusson First Rug Set

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Uploaded: 21st Nov 2020 at 5:38 PM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2022 at 1:20 AM

"Aubusson" First Set of Elegant Rugs

These 16 eye catching, high quality rugs. Are the true essences of quality of rugs, they are handmade and beautiful. Woven with care and love for your sims home. I think they will fit into any interior design. Maybe not all.
There is also some walls and floors, A lot of work and time has gone into the site. "Aussietopenders-sims2" downloads.

16 Classic Multi Coloured Patterns, Base Game Rug Recolours. Lots of shades. Cream, Browns, Green, Red. Yellows and Orange.
4x3 size
There is a couple of textures which are a bit on the dull side. The complete collection (4 parts) has some rugs/carpet from the 1700-1800's so are very old.

Textures by Cathy at Aussietopenders
These Sims 2 rugs textures are from this web site
The rugs are based on actual carpet images by the looks of it. With a little adjustments to make them fit on the Sims 4 base game mesh.

This is the first set of. Called by Cathy, "Aubusson"
16 Rug Swatches

I am obsessed with rugs on:
Aussie Topenders-sims2
Go visit to see what is caming. 6 pages of rugs

Which is brought to you by Cathy, Lucas & Zita.

The wonderful Cathy, who gave me permission to convert these rugs to Sims 4.

2 Polygon

All images where taken in the game live mode paused.
These beautiful rugs can be found in Build/Buy Mode - Objects by Function - Decorations - Rugs or by clicking on the rug icon in any Room Category that has one.

Recolours of the following mesh
They are recolours of a base game mesh
Nature Silhouette Stand Alone Recolours
(4x3 rugs) But you will be paying 145 Simoleons each of the rugs

Sorry about so many shots but was directed that the object has to be 75% of the shot.
Though the 'Find in build' is after the overhead shot of all rugs, In preview it is the second last shot in queue. moved it up one pace but still showing wrong place.

I hope you enjoy them.

Additional Credits:
Additional Credits:
Photoshop SimPE Snagit