helaene - Scouting Social Interactions

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2021 at 11:06 AM
Updated: 21st Feb 2021 at 8:52 PM
This mod adds social interactions (options when you click on another Sim) if your active Sim is a Scout. Scouting is only available with the Season EP.

As this is a script mod, you must enable script mods in your game options, and both files must be nested no more than one folder level inside your Mods folder.

All social interactions are contained within a new Scouting menu. I'd originally split them amongst Friendly and Romantic, but this felt like a better user experience. Most interactions have custom speech balloons for appropriate iconography.

Included Interactions:
  • Brag about Badges Earned
    Reveals traits: Ambitious, Self-Assured, Self-Absorbed, Perfectionist

  • Tell Story about Camping Trip (Story)
    Reveals traits: Loves Outdoors
    Increases: Friendship

  • Recommend Hiking Locations
    Reveals traits: Loves Outdoors, Active
    Increases: Friendship

  • Debate Merits of Various Knots
    Reveals traits: Geek

  • Discuss Medicinal Uses for Plants
    Requires: Herbalism 2+
    Increases: Target Sim's Herbalism skill

  • Warn about Poisonous Mushrooms
    Requires: Herbalism 2+
    Increases: Target Sim's Herbalism skill

  • Rave about S'mores
    Reveals traits: Glutton, Foodie
    Increases: Friendship

  • Flirt about Starting a Fire with Tinder (Romantic)
    Requires: Not Unflirty
    Reveals traits: Romantic
    Increases: Romantic relationship

  • Talk about Tree Identification
    Reveals traits: Loves Outdoors
    Increases: Target Sim's Gardening skill

  • Recite Scout Pledge (Story)

  • Talk about Volunteer Work
    Requires: Not Evil or Mean
    Reveals traits: Good
    Increases: Friendship, Reputation (Get Famous)

  • Share Fishing Tips
    Requires: Fishing 2+
    Increases: Target Sim's Fishing skill

I welcome constructive feedback and bug reports if you find any. Thank you!

<3 helaene

Russian translation: Origamika https://vk.com/origamika_sims4