Sims 3 Script Extender (Version 1.03)

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2021 at 3:21 PM
Updated: 2nd Dec 2021 at 8:28 PM - Installation added to Description Text
The Sims 3 Script Extender (S3SE) adds IO functionality previously unaccessible to Modders. If you are a script modder you can access the new Functionality by interfacing with the C# Script Utility mod.
Right now the mod only adds IO capabilities and playing global sounds/music to the game.
If you got suggestions what additional features would be cool, let me know and i see if implementing them makes sense for the mod.

You will need my Script Utility mod (Version 1.02b8 and up) to Interface with this mod.
Always run any S3SE executable as Admin


Current functionality :

1) Install the (Script Utility mod)
2) Extract the content of the S3SE 7z to \Sims3\Game\Bin

Usage (Players And Modders):

Example Mod:

Check out Lyralei's great tutorial that showcases the S3SEexample.package with some cool Examples to try. But be warned, only follow that Link if you dont suffer from anatidaephobia ! (she really could have been a bit more considerate and use something like spiders instead)
Tutorial - Using Battery's S3SE tool as a script modder

I dont take any responsibility for any damage caused by this mod (direct or indirect), so as always use at your own risk !

Terms of Use:
Do not reupload / claim as your own.
Do not create derivatives based on this

Right now im not aware of any conflict with another mod, let me know if you run into such a problem.

Known Issues:


Additional Credits:

Special thanks to my fellow Script modders who risked their lives to test S3SE (Testing was maybe not quite that dramatic)

C# IDE Used: trusty old SharpDevelop
CPP IDE Used: Code::Blocks (Compiler MSYS2 x86 package)