UPDATED Make a mess (New Toddler interactions)

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2021 at 2:26 PM
Updated: 18th Apr 2022 at 9:48 AM
What is this mod :

A new autonomous interaction called "Make a mess" for Toddlers. I've converted the Sims 4 animation
and thanks to twinsimming the mod also uses the actual paint splatters from the sims 4!

With this mod, if you leave toddlers unattended,
they might paint the whole floor!


You can tune or disable the "make a mess" interaction with S3PE, by editing the following ITUN :

13/12/2021 here is version 3

Known issues :
- The Sims 4 animations I converted are not perfect (they are sinking a bit).
- They don't have sound to them (though I made a list of all toddler sound files, trying each of them is not fun to me anymore -_-).
- The nap animation does not have the "Zzz" visual effect.
- When getting up to see something, toddlers will get up and sit down many times in a row before they do the interaction.
- I need to add interactions to the piles of trash and the toys created with this mod. For now you can just live drag get rid of them until you save and reload your game.

If this is your first time downloading the mod :
Download twinsimming's "Make a Mess" Messes in your mod folder.
And place FloTheory_Twinsimming_OVERRIDE in your override folder.
Else :
Replace the previous version of FloTheory_MessySims you had in your mod folder by FloTheory_MessySimsV4.

Future improvements :
- I want to add more "See" reactions.
- Instead of spawning trash piles, slob sims will leave mud on the floor.
- Add a new interaction "babble" for speaking toddlers.
- Add a new interaction "hit" for evil toddlers.
- Replace toddler's crying animation by the S4 animation.
- Replace toddler voice by the S4 sounds.

Additional Credits:

Thank you so much twinsimming for this collaboration!
Thank you all for still making the Sims 3 alive and well!
Also thank you so much for all the modding tutorials!