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Cryptozoologist Career

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2021 at 5:15 AM
A new challenging and interesting rabbit hole career!
I based this off of Cryptozoology the study of unknown creatures because that's just the kind of thing that interests me! :D

After installing just search for career and select the Cryptozoologist option. (loch ness monster icon on left)
you'll start out as a 'Conspiracy Validator' and work your way up through the ranks until you're renowned, at that point you can select a branch
Demonology or Crypto-Marine Biology

This career is bit challenging and requires your sim to level several skills, but the final pay is worth it!

Note 1: This career requires you to have Vampires because you'll be leveling the vampire lore skill. Originally I including Veterinarian skill as well, but when I play tested it it was difficult to level and also I know not many people are going to have both xpacs so I removed the vet skill.

Note 2: i'm super new to making cc in general, but this is my first like mod mod! If there's an issue with anything please let me know so i can fix it! <3