Custom University Electives v.1.1a

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Uploaded 15th Oct 2021 at 3:48 PM · Updated 23rd Nov 2021 at 4:31 PM by andiberlin

Patch Status
The mod works with the game version 1.81 (Nov. 2, 2021). No update is necessary.

What does the mod do?
I like it when different mods don't stay isolated but are integrated into the common gameplay. This mod adds a few new elective courses in the universities, so that custom skills from various mods are also integrated. The courses are only shown to you if you have the appropriate mods. The mod is fully compatible with the Mod University Custom Degrees by Zero. Only the Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack is required. The other packages or mods are optional. The semester fees are the same as the courses available in the game. Each course ends with either an exam or a written coursework. I didn't do any presentations.

Known problems
If you delete this mod before the custom course is finished, it can lead to incorrect properties of the all affected Sims (including NPCs, if some NPC have taken one of these courses). This will produce error messages every time the game loads. This can only be fixed by leaving the all affected Sims out of university, disabling all mods in the game settings and re-saving the game.
So use this mod at your own risk!
List of all available courses
The following skills are currently available:

Course SkillBritechester CourseFoxbury CoursePack/Mod required
Juice Fizzing*Drink ManufacturingBrewing and Beverage TechnologySims 4: Eco Lifestyle
Retail Sales**Retail Management & MarketingRetail Sales ManagementSims 4: Get To Work
Dairy ProductionDairy Production and ManagementDairy Production and TechnologyDairy Production
PotteryProduct Design in CeramicsCeramic DesignFunctional Pottery Wheel
ReligionTheology and ReligionPhilosophy, Science and ReligionRambunctious Religions
SexpertiseGender and Sexual EducationSex and Human SexualityWicked Whims
SwimmingSwimming LessonsSwimming & AquaticsRealistic Swimming
SimlishSimlish for International StudentsSimlish for International StudentsLanguage Barriers
SimlishSimlish Language, Literatures and CulturesBusiness SimlishLanguage Barriers
WindenburgishWindenburgish for BeginnersWindenburgish for BeginnersLanguage Barriers
Toki SulaniToki Sulani for BeginnersToki Sulani for BeginnersLanguage Barriers
KomorebigoKomorebigo for BeginnersKomorebigo for BeginnersLanguage Barriers
SelvadoradianSelvadoradian for BeginnersSelvadoradian for BeginnersLanguage Barriers
*There was no elective course in the game that supported the "Juice Fizzing" skill.
**With the elective course for the "Retail Sales" hidden skill, this skill is also made visible.

I've only done a few new elective courses here. If you like this mod, I can add more courses. Asks and leaves comments!

  • I added the strings in EN, DE, RU and ES.
  • French translation from Google is also added by me.
  • Chinese translation by GreenOnionC (an update is necessary)
  • All other languages have strings in English.
If you would like to suggest an improvement to the existing translation or add a new translation, please contact me.

How to install this mod?
  • Extract all files from the zip archive!
  • Copy the *.package File into you Sims 4 Mods Folder!
  • Path: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods
  • Please make sure to delete the old version of the mod!

Possible compatibility problems
The mod is currently compatible with the Mod University Custom Degrees by Zero. If Zero adds new custom courses, I have to update my mod as well.

Support me!
If you like my mods and you want to support their further development, support me on my Patreon page! Thanks very much!
By the way, you will also find some other mods there!

Type: Skilling Fixed

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