Dhampyrs (updated to 2.0)

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2022 at 8:47 PM
Updated: 8th Aug 2022 at 7:30 PM
Dhampyrs 2.0 added. I won't delete the original but I fully believe the new version runs far more smoothly + can offer more variety.

You no longer need to follow a complex process for your Sim to become a Dhampyr.

p.s. the sunlight reversal buff is still there, your Vampires will just now need to drink from the Dhampyr to obtain it, so it's no longer super easy to hand out

Update log:

You know, I realize probably few people actually care for the context as to why particular mod exists, but I'm also aware my ideas have something like a 50/50 chance of appearing completely unrelated, so I still feel the need to explain. The lack of hybrids in the Sims game in general seems unrealistic (how unrealistic that my Aliens and Spellcasters can't have wizardry half-Alien offspring smh), given how under normal circumstances one would expect their children to be something new... But hey, I'm not here to do anything about Occult+Occult combos. Let's talk about Dhampyrs.

I have a thing for tvtropes, at times even treating the pages as a place in which to look for ideas on what book to read next, and one such page is that of Dhampyrs, the offspring of Vampires and humans. In the Sims, the children of Vampires and non-Occults can be either, because the Sims are mean and don't like hybrids.

So let's fix that, let's get some Dhampyrs. (Note that this isn't meant to represent any culture's particular depiction of Dhampyrs, and has to work within the constraints of the Vampire system in-game)

Fun fact, while looking up the translation of Dhampyr for my translation, I ended up stumbling upon the Dhampiro wikipedia page, which features a line too legendary to not be mentioned here. Namely, here's the definition of Dhampyr, for those who don't know, and also because I find this particular phrasing hilarious.

un híbrido entre vampiro y otras especies ficticias incluyendo a los humanos.
a hybrid between vampire and other fictional species including humans.

Anyway, while Dhampyrs (and apparently humans, according to that wikipedia page) may be fictional creatures, but the world of the Sims need not abide by silly rules!

First of all, you need MAL22's Trait Tracker Injector for this to work.

Whenever an OccultVampire and a nonOccult Sim have a child, there is a chance they might be a Dhampyr if they aren’t born a Vampire. Like Vampires, they’ll have to wait til they’re Teens to fully manifest, mostly because their half-human nature makes them develop a bit more slowly and also because the animations would look absolutely cursed.
  • Dhampyrs now have access to both Thirst and Vampire Power
  • Regaining thirst from consuming Plasma Fruits and Plasma Packs fully enabled
  • All Dhampyrs can do Dark Meditation
  • All Dhampyrs have a single interaction through which they can Drink Plasma from Sims with (sorry, I tried to make multiple and it was very much not working)
  • To keep some consistency with whatever the original lore was, well, since their nature is weird, Dhampyrs have a chance to spend more or less Vampire Power than expected when using their abilities (they might even accidentally increase their Power when doing something)*

*might change this to a flat loss so let me know what you think

Upon becoming a Teen, your Dhampyr will gain access to Dark Meditation, Drink Plasma, and a randomized set of 5 abilities. They’re Vampire Perk powers that could reasonably be converted for them, now manifesting as traits for them. Note that there's a small chance they might initially spawn with less than 5 upon becoming Dhampyrs because of how I ended up having to set the randomization up, but if this happens, they should end up at 5 upon re-instancing either by travelling or being reloaded into a lot.

Possible Dhampyr powers:
  • Fly as a Bat
  • Frozen Social Need
  • Cast Hallucination
  • Highest level of Child of the Moon
  • Command abilities
  • Highest level of Deadened Emotions
  • Frozen Fun Need
  • Detect Personality
  • Deprive Needs abilities
  • Irresistible Slumber ability
  • Mesmerize ability
  • Teleport as Mist ability
  • Frozen Hygiene Need
  • Supernatural Speed
  • Highest level of Vampiric Charm
  • Highest level of Vampiric Strength

Might eventually make something to reroll them.

Dhampyrs still can’t age past Young Adult.

Vampire Sims will get temporary sunlight protection if they drink the blood of a Dhampyr, and Dhampyrs are resistant to some mind control abilities.

2.0 currently has in-game strings for all languages.

Future plans:
  • Bring back the resurrection module, maybe.
  • Re-roll interactions.

  • Lot51′s online TDESC BROWSER
  • Sims4Studio

Details that only apply to v1: