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Sakura Tea House and Garden

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2022 at 2:43 PM
Updated: 3rd May 2022 at 9:35 PM
Sakura Tea House and Garden

Welcome to spring at the Sakura Tea House. Sakura means Cherry Blossoms. Stroll around the garden, sit and relax. Every place you look has a new view to admire.

Fireflies twinkle at night and dragonflies zip around the pond by day.

There are two small Bonsai Gardens within the larger garden to enjoy.

Sakura - Japanese Folk Song about Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

Note 1: I took the photos using a mod so the trees would not disappear when I got close for photos. Normally the trees disappear and what kind of photoshoot of a garden would it be if the blooming cherry trees decided to be shy?
If you want the No Fade Everything Mod by MizoriYukii, get it on her tumblr post - https://mizoreyukii.tumblr.com/post...e-on-everything

NOTE 2: I fixed the game to be in mid-spring to capture the glorious spring. If you have Seasons installed, the garden changes by the season. So don't be surprised if you open the lot in mid-winter and there are no blossoms or leaves on the trees.

Lot Type Generic community lot. It is really a park but I didn't want to place a kid's swing here.

Lot Size 20 x 30

Lot Traits:
Sunny Aspect, Great soil, Peace and Quiet

Snowy Escape REQUIRED:
Teahouse roof, doors, walls, windows, foundation, railings, roof tiles, Zen garden gravel, Cedar trees, Fish flag pole, stone lanterns, blanket warmer tables, Noren curtains, Shoes off sign, Maple tree, orchid, bonsai, garden stones, tall lanterns, floor lanterns, Misc clutter, bucket bench, activity sign, Public bathroom building, wall hanging, small shrine, etc.

If you don't have Snowy Escape I am not sure what the look of the tea house will default to.

CC Traditional tatami mats.
Tatami mats - made by Graphite91 - https://modthesims.info/d/549126/ja...graphite91.html

Snowy Escape comes with tatami mats but traditional tatami isn't laid out in long rolls. There are no corner pieces with the game so you can't turn the tatami into 1 x 2 sections. Therefore, if you want a traditional style tatami layout, with some very kewl border options, Download and Graphite's Tatami mats.

I packed the game using Graphite91's tatami mats, If you don't want them the floor inside the teahouse will be blank. You can put whatever you want in there. The game's tatami or a wooden floor.

Not Required but some plants and garden decor will be missing:

Garden stuff:
Cottage Living - Wisteria on the fences, bunny topiary
Island Living - Flowering shrubs and trees, wood stairs
4 seasons - SPRING - wall plant, wooden support structure
Cats and Dogs - Flowering Dogwood tree, shrub, kitty topiary
City Living - trash can
Get Together - water reeds, climbing rose, grass/stone pavers
Get to Work - red flowering tree-shrub
Realm of Magic - stone garden bench
Jungle Adventure - Misc garden plants and ground covers
Vampires - climbing shrub and fern
Outdoor Retreat - Stone seat, soil color
Paranormal - tray clutter
Moschino Stuff - end table
Romantic Garden - Iris and delphiniums
Spooky Stuff - Wooden floor

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