Neko, Usagi, Inu, Mimi

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About these Sims!!
-These sims are customized saved sim.
-These sims were saved with a custom content skin and were made with custom sliders and have various custom content clothes and accessories.
-These sims do not contain the sliders, clothes, accessories or makeup. You will need to download the Required Custom Content ( Sliders, Accessories, makeup, clothes, saved sim, Unavailable CC Dump and Edited Accessories) for them to look correct in game.
-There are Two versions of these sims available for download:
  • Neko Usagi Inu Mimi (Saved Sims) = Contains the customized and heavily accessorized Mimi sims displayed above.
  • Neko Usagi Inu Mimi (Bases) = Contains a base version of the Mimi sims. This version has no accessories applied and is a bare bones slider version. For these sims you will need to download just the sliders and skin listed below. (please note pictures above)

-These sims are functional without Season, Into the future, and supernatural expansion packs. They will be bare bone slider made sim and will lack some hair, clothes, makeup and teeth content.
-At the bare minimum you just need to download the skins and sliders for these sims to look correct and have ears.

Custom Content Used:
- Nrass Master Controller
Required custom content:
(Usagimi, Nekomimi, inumimi OR Bunny, Dog and Cat Ear Skins by Zachs Anomaiy/ Preview/ Download)
-[Kijiko]hair017_AF_Ocicat (Faux hawk)
-[Kijiko]hair017_AM_Ocicat (Faux hawk)
-[Kijiko]hair005_AM_Ragdoll (Shaggy Hair)
-[Kijiko]hair007_AF_Nebelung (Morning Mist)
-Two Tone - Nightcrawler Timber by pixelstics
-(Basic T By Rusty Preview/ Download)
-Trendy denim - Block printed Jeans by lorandiasims
-Six Underground mixmatched sneakers by aikea-guinea
-Catwoman bell by Shushilda (Alternate Download )
-Choker "Silk Ribbon" by Lilit
-Tauronas Scarf 2 - Wish from Nayanee by Taurona
-All in One Mismatched Socks by OneEuroMutt
-(Accessory Stocking by JenniSims/ Preview/ Download)
-(MurfeeL_Skyrim Tiny Antlers 2-Prong/ Download)
-Cat Tails by Tehmango: Female, Male, Child
-(Helen Bunny Tail: preview/Download)
- (Channyvivin Cat Eyes/Preview / Download) (need big version)
-(Kewai-Dou Odd eyes/ Preview/ Download)
-Wotercolor eyes by niobe cremisi
-Sublime Eyeliner by Pralinesims
-Candy Crush Eyeshadow by Pralinesims (Alternate Download )
-S-Club Eyelash Set N3A by S-Club
-[TS3] Two-Tone Ear Blush by ashuriphoenix
-(cat nose Ver2 all ages by pyxis/ Preview/ Download)
-Happy Newyear Lipstick by sourlemonsimblr
-Cakenoodles Cranachan Birthmarks by chazybazzy
-If Only Birthmark by chazybazzy
-Circle Eyebrows by Kitt
-Ears; Slanted, Width, Height Thickness, Stretch by OneEuroMutt
-Ear Height by Sage
-Ears; Points-Back, Points, Tilt by CmarNYC

Edited CC included in "download files" (Mimi Accessories EDIT_Popcornstar45.rar) of this post (Note last four pictures above)
(I recategorized this CC to accessory dental) [Credits to Sil Fantasy, Original CC post Here]
(I recategorized this CC to Bracelet) [Credits to rosesims3, Original CC post Here]
(I enabled this CC for both genders) [Credits to cakestore]
-[ShaTsai]Baseball Jacket-acc-Female_EDITArmband
(I recategorized this CC to accessory armband) [Credits to shatsai, Original CC post Here]

Unavailable/dead link CC included in "download files" (Mimi Unavailable CC Dump_Popcornstar45.rar) of this post (preview picture included in download)
(creator website has gone offline) [Credits to ModishKitten, Reupload Here]
(Links listed on creator site are dead and images are broken) [Credits to Jasumi, Original CC post Here]
-All in Layered Cocktail Dress
(This dress has been converted to the package format) [Credits to EA]
(These shoes were part of a T-Mobile promotion) [More info Here]
-SpringGraceBootsByElexis - Adult
(Elexis boots were once listed on MTS but have since been deleted) [Credits to Elexis , more Info Here]
(creator site broken and links are dead) [Credits to Sasha J]
(Creator site is gone) [Credits to YS3 Studio]

To help download the correct skins for the characters pictured above:
  • Kathryn_Nekomimi - KemonoBlackLight.package
  • Katie_Nekomimi - KemonoSpotsLight.package
  • Venus_Nekomimi - KemonoSpotsLight.package
  • Khloe_Usagimimi - KemonoGrayLight.package
  • Shiro_Usagimimi - KemonoWhiteLight.package
  • Siris_Usagimimi - KemonoWhiteLight.package
  • Carter_Inumimi - KemonoRedLight.package
  • Charlie_Inumimi - KemonoTabbyLight.package
  • Koton_Inumimi - KemonoRedLight.package

All credit for the Amazing skins goes to Zach Anubis/ Zachs Anomaiy!
Thank you for taking a look at my character's!