Shower-Height Recolours for Catherine TCJD's Wallpaper Overlays

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Uploaded: 6th May 2022 at 11:34 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2022 at 2:49 PM
Update 2022-05-09:
  • Fixed the recolours so that they don't break up the glass part of showers anymore
  • Added a black version of the Coloratura tiling based on this recolour
Many thanks to mustluvcatz for pointing out the solution to the transparency issue.

Original Post:
I really like CatherineTCJD's Wallpaper Overlays as well as HugeLunatic's Kitchen & Bath Add On Tiles. So I thought it would be neat to have a combination of the two ideas.
I use a lot of backless showers (links under "CC/Mods used for screenshots") in my game. Firstly, because I play with walls down most of the time and don't like having a huge block of shower obstructing my view. Secondly, because I like to select tiles matching the wallpaper of the rest of the room. I play with Premades a lot and often times I like to leave the original furnishing as it is. However, with backless showers that would mean that my Sims would end up with soggy wallpaper more often than not. My solution was to put tiling around the shower. Still, I didn't like how the tiling would "break up" the wallpaper or go around one corner but not the other (see example picture below). So that's why I thought CatherineTCJD's Wallpaper Overlay would be the perfect solution.

Mesh NOT included, get it HERE!
These recolours are for the "INside" Edition.

Another neat idea, in my opinion, was to make Maxis floors into walls, as Sophie from Sophie's Downloads did for some of the Life Stories floor tiles.
I used neither HugeLunatic's nor Sophie's files to create these Wall Overlay recolours since I wanted them to be a different height. So all recolours you see here are made from files taken from the game itself using the HomeCrafter Plus or from Argon's Life Stories Build Bundle. Nonetheless, were it not for CatherineTCJD's idea to use wallpaper overlays with Maxis tiles, HugeLunatic's idea to make Maxis tiles shower-height and Sophie's idea to make Maxis floors into walls I wouldn't have started this project. So all credit goes to those three for these ideas.

Height-wise I tried to fit the recolours to the height of the BG Coloratura shower. My line of thinking was that the BG cheap shower, the BG tub/shower combo and the UNI communal shower would all be more forgiving to different heights. So wherever possible I tried to get Coloratura height. Where the pattern did not allow for it, I made it higher than that. That is why the heights are different for different patterns.

Known Issue: When you place the Wall Overlays behind the Coloratura shower, the glass disappears and reappears when moving the camera around.

Quite ironic that this issue happens with the one shower I was trying to fit most recolours to. This issue also occurred in my game with the recolours in the original upload so I don't think there's anything I can do about that. However, this is my first time recolouring anything. So if you know how I can fix this, please let me know and I'll adjust the files accordingly.
Fixed, see update 2022-05-09 for more info.

In addition to using tiled walls from the Base Game, Expansion and Stuff Packs I also did some from the Life Stories conversions as mentioned above. Then I got a bit carried away by the idea of making floors into walls and used tile and stone flooring to create a bunch more recolours. Files labelled "Floor" are taken from tile flooring, files labelled "FloorwStone" are taken from stone flooring. That should make it easier to find the corresponding floors in the catalogue.
Lastly, I made some recolours using the BG beige Coloratura recolours. I like them so much I wanted to use them for other showers as well.
If anyone wants those Coloratura tiles and all those floors made into actual wall coverings, I uploaded them separately.

I compressorized the files and named them so that they get ordered by tile size if you plop them all in the same folder. Additionally, I put them in subfolders according to EP/SP. This was to make it easier to find a specific file using the swatches. There are 128 129 recolours after all, so you might want to delete of some of them. I included swatches in the download to make that easier. I ordered them by EP/SP by looking at which flooring was in the premade Maxis collections. So I'm not sure that my labelling is 100% correct.
That means if you leave the recolours in their subfolders, they will be sorted by EP/SP first and then by tile size in the game. If you plop all recolours in the same folder, they will be sorted only by tile size in the game.

CC/Mods used for screenshots:
Thanks to:
  • CatherineTCJD for the Wallpaper Overlays and Numenor who made the version these are based on
  • HugeLunatic for the idea to adjust Maxis wall tiles to shower-height, for all the backless showers, and for the instructions on how to solve the transparency issue
  • Sophie for the idea to make Maxis floors into walls
  • mustluvcatz for the help with the transparency issue
  • Argon for the Life Stories Build Bundle
  • missmaxoid for uploading stuff from the old Sims 2 website
  • Goldenbtrfly for inspiring me to use the UNI Communal Shower a lot more often because I saw a lot of great setups in their builds
  • The creators of SimPE
  • jfade for The Compressorizer
  • maybesomethingdunno for their HomeCrafter Plus tutorial
  • Poppet for their recolour tutorial
  • Maxis and EA for the game in general and especially the wall and floor files I used