Shoppingcenter 7000 - Now with v1.1 update

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2022 at 8:07 PM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2022 at 10:50 PM
The shopping mall of a Sim's dreams. A safely indoor, weatherproof, and centralised point of gravity for whatever a Sim may wish for. Designed to not rely on too many expansion packs other than those needed for shopping, to save town space by making various existing lots feasible to delete, and is also a quick way to add features to neighbourhoods that weren't designed with them in mind (e.g. Riverview, Starlight Shores, etc.).

Since the previous uploads of malls by others on ModTheSims did not seem to me at a surface glance to rely on rabbitholes, I decided to fill that niche by making a lot that does rely on them.

The lot is 60x60, but can very quickly be adapted to fit 64x64 by simply extending the outdoor pavements.

• Grocery store
• Book store (incl. benches outside to read bought books)
• Restaurant
• Bistro (incl. seating for the "Eat outdoors" function)
• Spa
• Multi-auditorium cinema (3-auditorium in v1.1; 2-auditorium in v1.0), with 1 doubling as a criminal hideout
• Nectary register
• Consignment register
• Coortena holo-register (and various Into the Future pedestals)
• Comic book register and store
• Tattoo machine
• Styling station
• Laundry machines
• Arboretum
• Vault of Antiquity
• Broomstick stunt arena
• Photo booth
• Candy vending machine
• LAMA telephone box
• Wellsian time portal
• University Life presentation whiteboard
• Claw machine
• Arcade cabinet
• Childrens' playset (v1.1 expanded it to a full play area)
• Nectar racks with purchaseable bottles
• 3 small empty stores that users can fill with whatever they want
• (v1.1) 7th floor rooftop mansard park with a swimming pool and more, reachable by lifts/stairs thanks to new frame-shaped roofing
• (v1.1) A non-Euclidean basement with a HoloTheater and a Plumbot arena
• (v1.1) Bowling alley
• (v1.1) Cake sale stand for child Sims
• (v1.1) Gem cutter
• (v1.1) University Life juice keg
• (v1.1) Various sleeping quarters (Dream pod, fairy castle, Plumbot charging, sarcophaguses)
• (v1.1) Hot tub
• (v1.1) Extra tables for child/teen Sims to do homework
• (v1.1) University Life speech podium
• (v1.1) Beekeeper box
• (v1.1) Ambitions drafting table

———Not included, but users can add them———
• Subway station (The area between the telephone box and the crossroad by the bathroom has been reserved for it)
• Pet store register from Pets Limited Edition
• Relics register (The consignment register already sells what the relic register sells in non-WA worlds)
• Lemonade stand from Sims 3 Store
• Various "Run your own business" registers from Sims 3 Store
• Vegetable sales cart from Sims 3 Store
• University café counter
• Late Night juice bar
• Festival food stand
• Cat litter box and scratching post
• Horse parking (One of the car parking spots on the ground floor can easily be removed to make space for it)
• Showtime show stage (In v1.1, the area next to the broomstick arena can more easily fit a stage with spectators)

———Not included———
• Movie set from Late Night (Skipped in v1.1 due to a perceived lack of usefulness, as it has 1 screening per week during lunch hours)

———Lot value———
v1.1 furnished: 475,403 §
v1.1 not furnished: 354,719 §

v1.0 furnished: 347,464 §
v1.0 not furnished: 284,836 §

• (TBA 2023: If a v1.2.0 was to become a big project, it'd require bumping the lot requirements to strongly recommend Late Night as well.)̈
• 23rd of November 2022: v1.1.2 hotfix, to remove parked NPC cars that were added by accident in v1.1.1.
• 23rd of November 2022: v1.1.1 hotfix, to remove novel/comic duplicates in the comic book shelves.
• 23rd of November 2022: v1.1.0, which added a whole lot of new stuff listed above thanks to new discoveries in rooftop and basement building methods. Changes were also made to staircases, fencing, and benches.
• 10th of November 2022: v1.0.2 hotfix, which aims to give handiness upgrades to bathroom and fashion shop objects, and to add skill, toddler, and fishing books to the comic book store shelves. The lot's objects, placements, and values are unchanged.
• 9th of November 2022: v1.0.1 hotfix, which aims to fill the nectar racks in the nectar store with purchaseable bottles, as I was not previously aware that it was possible to do that. The lot's objects, placements, and values are unchanged.
• July 2022: Release version, retroactively numbered v1.0.0.

• To increase the usefulness of the lot during early morning hours, I recommend another mod I've made, called Greatly extend lot opening hours.
• In v1.0, the roof park can only be accessed by NPCs through a Late Night subway station and the NPC use subway mod. This was fixed in v1.1.
• In v1.1, in rare cases that I've tried my best to iron out, depending on how the lot is rotated, one or both of the basement rabbitholes could peek out of the basement and cover the entire bistro area. In the rare case that this hinders placing the lot the way you want it, you can use moveObjects on to move the rabbithole half a square forwards or backwards.
• A bug in the game appears to cause novels in comic book shelves to duplicate if the lot is placed, then saved to storage, and then placed again.
• If any Into the Future pedestals sell holo discs, the discs at display are known to make odd crying sounds despite not looking all that sad. This is most audible in 5.1 speaker setups.