Fixture/Appliance Moving Mods (Apartment/Additional Updates)

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2022 at 1:03 PM
Updated: 29th Jul 2022 at 7:11 AM

Not So Fast, Fixtures! You Too, Appliances! (Updated 07/28/2022)

What does this mod do?

Please also see the caveats/known issues section. Update: Added more objects, and some objects have been given functionality to not disappear in apartment mods now! Simply replace the old files with the new ones. Originally, this mod just kept objects that are "affixed" to the home from leaving with whole households that move out from a lot, along with fridges and stoves, which aren't affixed to the home, but something that usually stays for the new owners.

The intention of this mod was to be able to leave fixtures on a lot without the need for placing a modded object. It's there to create less steps for moving out/in Sims.

Game Requirements
- This mod was built with The Ultimate Collection installed, so this mod may require Apartment Life/Mansions and Gardens.

The Modern Trash Compactor mod requires FreeTime and the Stylish Trash Compactor mod requires Kitchen and Bath.

The security items, wall lights and medicine cabinets were given the ability to shift, which came with Apartment Life, so Apartment Life in additon is required for this mod to work.

What's Included?

The package files in this mod are all separate. You can pick and choose what you want to stay, though I highly recommend keeping everything for realism's sake. Below are the following global inits that have been modified:

- Counters/Islands (Global)
- Dishwashers (Global)
- Stoves (Global)
- Fridges(Global)
- Sinks (Global)
- Toilets (Global)
- Showers (Global)
- Tubs (Global)
- Fireplaces (Global)
- Ceiling Fans (Global)
- Ceiling/Wall/Street/Fence Post Lights (Global, plus shiftability for wall lights)

Note: If you have a custom object cloned from these above items, they should already take on the override and stay.

Not global, but included:
- Security Items (Fire Alarm/Burglar Alarm, plus added shiftability; please see "Known Issues" Section for mod compatibility or lackthereof)
- Medicine Cabinets (Apartment Life)
- Trash Compactors (Base/Freetime/Kitchen & Bath Stuff)
- "The Grillinator BigBQ" (Base; attached to the ground/floor)
- Basketball Hoop (FreeTime; attached to the ground/floor)
- Outdoor Chess Table (Base; attached to the ground/floor)
- Bowling Alley (Nightlife; can be attached to wall; attached to floor/ground)

Added/Modified 07/28/2022

The following objects have had their Init BHAVs modified to stay after moving out on residential lots. For apartment lots, these objects will also stay upon moving into an apartment unit.

- Trash Chutes (Requires AL; Object)
- Vents (Requires AL; Objects) - Looking into issue with the vents disappearing in apartment units.
- Radiators (Requires AL; Object)
- Ceiling Crossbeam (Requires AL; Object)
- Pipes (Requires AL; Objects)

Additionally, the following objects from the previous update have been updated to stay upon moving into an apartment unit (see above for EP requirements):

- Smoke/Burglar Alarms
- Fixture Lights (Wall/Ceiling/Outdoors/Fence)
- Ceiling Fans
- Medicine Cabinets

(2:20AM EST - Fixed Pipe Error)

Caveats/Known Issues

To clarify, this currently only works for purchased homes. I am trying to figure out how to get certain objects to stay in rented apartments. Tangent: Weirdly enough, the nectar bar from Freetime stays when you rent out an unfurnished apartment. Currently for apartments the objects such as ceiling lamps, for some reason the Freetime nectar bar, counters, islands, fridges, and stoves stay. Funny background story on the FreeTime nectar bar: it was given a category within the BHAV init that causes it to stick around when renting an apartment. This category is now being used on the objects from the 07/28 update. For some reason, the vents still disappear in apartment units, even with the category node applied, thankfully, they stick around after moving out families to the family bin.

It's also not so much an issue, and HugeLunatic has brought to my attention that category "0x0106:0x3C" is actually the bar. In my version of SimPE the categories were not revealed, mystery solved. Thank you Lunie! At any rate, placing any of the modified objects with this category while a Sim rolls a want for a Bar does NOT fulfill the want.

It is possible to update individual objects (or their globals, if available, for efficiency) so that they don't disappear from apartments. See below for more information.

If you have a home built before this mod the "Inits" will not take effect until you have replaced all of the fixtures/counters/etc. in the home. Take this time to renovate your sims homes.

If you have any clutter/objects on top of the overriden objects, they will stay. So say, now, if you wanted to leave a "gift" for the new owners, you could place an object on the counter/fireplace for them when you move out.

If you do have mods that modify the shiftiness of the Medicine Cabinets/Security items (or any of the above items), these will most likely not play nicely. I have added the ability to shift the Medicine Cabinets/Fire Alarm/Security Alarm to this mod.

The "shiftalarms.package" file by Goggalor (located here) will not play nicely, so please remove that file where you have it if you want to keep the shifting ability, but want the ability of the alarms to stay.

If you don't want the cabinets to stay, then simply remove/omit my "fway_MedicineCabinetsStayAfterMoveOut_PlusShift.package."

Quick and Dirty - Updating Custom Objects to not Disappear in Apartment Units

This assumes you have knowledge about BHAV files and how to modify them.

If you have a custom version of an object (or a global) you will need to update the Init BHAV file of that object by doing the following:

Hit Sort Button> After any "Init ()" nodes in the beginning select "Insert True" > Set OpCode to 2 > Instance Picker selecting "My" > "Category" > ":=" > "Const" > Enter "0x0106:0x3C" (all without quotes)

Quick and Dirty - Updating Custom Objects to Stay After Move Out

This assumes you have knowledge about BHAV files and how to modify them.

If you have a custom version of an object (or a global) you will need to update the Init BHAV file of that object by doing the following:

Hit Sort Button> After any "Init ()" nodes in the beginning select "Insert True" > Set OpCode to 2 > Instance Picker selecting "My" > "Movement Flags" > "Set Flag" > "Literal" > "Stays after evict."

The above can also apply to anything custom, that's not globally overriden, and affixed to a Sim's home.

The "Let Me Sell This To You" Description

Tired of fixtures disappearing when your families move out? Look no further! This mod adds the ability for those objects to stay upon move out. Now your sims can move out leaving counters/fridges/wall lights/ceiling lights and much more behind for the next household.

When you move homes, do you throw out all the counters? Do your sims really want to get rid of their fridges and stoves? Typically, you'd leave them for the next owner.

Why do the ceiling and wall light fixtures go *poof* into thin air upon moving out? With this mod, that no longer happens.

You need this mod so that your sims can move from home to home without the need of replacing the counters and other fixtures every time.

File Names
You can pick and choose what you want to have in your game. If you don't have the required expansion packs, you can omit them from where you keep your mods and downloads. Within are the following files:

fway_AlarmsStayAfterMoveOut_PlusShift.package - Security/FireAlarm Override
fway_BasketballCourtStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Basketball court from FreeTime
fway_BowlingAlleyStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Bowling alley from Nightlife
fway_CeilingFansStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global override for ceiling fans
fway_CountersStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global override for counters
fway_DishwashersStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global override for Dishwashers
fway_FireplacesStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global override for fireplaces
fway_FixtureLightsStayAfterMoveOut_WallLightShift.package - Ceiling/street/wall/fence post lights stay after move out, plus wall lights have shiftablilty.
fway_FridgesStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global override for fridges
fway_GrillinatorGrillBQStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the Grillinator GrillBQ
fway_MedicineCabinetsStayAfterMoveOut_PlusShift.package - Object overrides for the Apartment Life Medicine Cabinets, and adds shiftability.
fway_OutdoorChessTableStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the outdoor chess table.
fway_ShowersTubsStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global Override for Showers and Tubs
fway_SinksStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global override for sinks
fway_StovesStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global override for stoves.
fway_ToiletsStayAfterMoveOut.package - Global override for toilets.
fway_TrashCompactorBaseStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the base game trash compactor
fway_TrashCompactorModernStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the modern (Freetime) trash compactor
fway_TrashCompactorStylishStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the stylish (Kitchen and Bath Stuff) trash compactor

fway_VentsStayAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the vents from Apartment Life
fway_PipesStayAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the pipes from Apartment Life
fway_TrashChuteStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the trash chute from Apartment Life.
fway_RadiatorStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the radiator from Apartment Life.
fway_CeilingCrossBeamStaysAfterMoveOut.package - Object override for the ceiling cross beam from Apartment Life(?).

Special Thanks To:
- The creators and devs of SimPE - Honeywell for their "Better Bath" and "Bespoke Build" (Purple Wall) sets, and "Pride and Joy" refirgerator as shown in the photos.
- Recolors by Michelle (White Counter Recolor)
- The folks here at Modthesims and in the simming community.
- Viewers like you! Thank you.