My Wedding Stories: Interaction Reactions ~ Check Out Venue Overhaul

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Uploaded 27th Jul 2022 at 1:40 PM · Updated 27th Jul 2022 at 1:56 PM by missyhissy

There are some lovely new interactions in the Wedding pack but sadly, many of them are lacking reactions. Some have no moodlets, notifications or sentiments attached to them. So I set about trying to change that a bit.

After I finished the Ask For Blessing To Marry Overhaul, I set to work on one of my favourite new interactions in the pack: Check Out Venue.

Check Out Venue Overhaul

This is a lovely little interaction that appears on Wedding Venue lots and allows your Sim to quite literally check out the potential venue. The interaction appears on Dining Tables (I don't know why Maxis coded it like that but there you go). Sadly, it came with no moodlets or any reaction at all. So once again, there was no real gameplay benefit to this interaction at all.

So I set about changing that. Your Sim can now receive a moodlet to tell you what they think about the venue.

So What Does The Mod Do?

Good question!

✔️The mod adds the Check Out Venue interaction to Beach lots and Park lots as well as the standard Wedding Venue. Additionally, the interaction is now only available for engaged Sims.

✔️There are 9 possible moodlets for your Sim to get when they check the venue out. One is specific to Park lots for certain traits, one specific to Beach lots for certain traits and one specific to Non-Committal Sims. The other six are random. These are weighted relating to décor preferences; so if your Sim has a moodlet informing you they dislike the décor of the lot, they'll have a higher chance of a negative reaction to the venue and vice versa.

✔️There are two new interactions: Discuss Wedding Venue and Argue About Wedding Venue.

✔️Discuss Wedding Venue will only show up if both engaged Sims have any one of the moodlets listed above. There are also four possible moodlets and notifications for the outcome of this interaction, depending on what your Sims think of the venue.

There's also a new Sentiment if your Sims disagree about a venue.

✔️Argue About Wedding Venue only shows up if Sims have differing views on the venue. This follows the same pattern as the standard in-game arguments and will have a winner or loser of the argument.

✔️Finally, I created a new Pie Menu under the Friendly social category: Wedding Planning. This keeps all wedding-related socials together and both new social interactions appear under this category, along with two from My Wedding Stories: Express Doubts About Wedding and Enthuse About Upcoming Wedding.

Technical Details

You Will Need:
✔️ XML Injector by Scumbumbo/Triplis ~ Don’t worry; the XML Injector doesn’t add anything to your game, it just allows this mod to work as intended. If you use my Personality Mod, you will already have this installed. This mod allows the interactions to be injected without needing a separate script file.
✔️ The Pie Menu file. Both the new social interactions are listed in this pie menu so you need to download this. It's included in the attachment so make sure you install both files.

I edited the following XMLs and so this mod will conflict with any others that do the same.

Additional Information:
Naturally, this mod requires My Wedding Stories. The mod is currently in English and French but all translations are welcome!


Zer0 for his fantastic tutorials
Sims 4 Studio
adeepindigo for her help with the interaction injection!
Kimikosoma for translating!

I hope you enjoy this mod and please let me know if you encounter any issues! ????