Plan Wedding Outfits On Mannequins!

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This was a feature I was hoping would make it into My Wedding Stories but sadly it didn't. I don't want my Sims to have to always travel to Tartosa to plan their wedding attire, so I enabled it for mannequins. So now you can have proper wedding boutiques!

What Does This Mod Do?

➡️ Planning formal outfits on a mannequin will cost your Sims §250 (the screenshot above shows a higher amount because the shop I'm using sells expensive stuff!). It remains free at the rabbithole shell in Tartosa, though.

➡️ The Sim will disappear briefly when heading into CAS to plan the outfit. Nothing to be alarmed about, however.

➡️ This interaction has a different moodlet from the rabbithole one!

Technical Details

This mod will require Get To Work and My Wedding Stories. It does not override the original interaction.
You will also need the XML Injector by Scumbumbo/Triplis for the interaction to show up.
The only files overridden are: af_Retail_Item_ForSale
So the mod will conflict with anything that does the same.

It's currently translated into English and French but translations are very welcome.

ChippedSim and MizoreYukii for their help in getting the interaction to appear at long last!
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