Teenage Interaction Reactions ~ Version 1.1

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2022 at 2:02 PM
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3rd October 2022 ~ Version 1.1
Adds life to the Tell Urban Legend interaction from Parenthood.

Similar to my other Interaction Reaction mods, this mod adds new moodlets, notifications and sentiments to some of the interactions for teenagers in the game.

With the release of the High School Years expansion getting closer I got thinking about some of the terrific interactions the teens actually do have in the game.
The downside to them is that they don't really do anything. They don't mean much in the greater scheme of the game.

So, I wanted to change that by gradually working through the interactions that I feel need a little more depth.

You Will Need:
The Mood Pack by Lumpinou ~ My mod makes use of several of Lumpinou's new moods and it will not work without it.
XML Injector ~ This is used for the memory part of the Urban Legends update. Without this mod installed, the mod won't work properly.

Version 1.1 of this mods edits the following interactions:
Ask About WooHoo (Base Game)
Give The WooHoo Talk (Base Game)
Boast About Messing Around (Parenthood Required)
Spread Rumours About WooHoo (Parenthood Required)
Tell Urban Legend (Parenthood Required)

More details on what's been added to each interaction can be found below.
*Some of the screenshots above show incomplete sentences. These have already been fixed in the mod and were noticed during testing while I was navigating the new pronoun tokens. So don't worry, the sentences are complete in game*

Boast About Messing Around

A little known fact; Messing Around is in fact the name given for teens to the WooHoo interaction.
The game has a hidden trait that is applied to a Sim after their first WooHoo and teens get this trait if they 'Mess Around' with a partner.

With that fact, I wanted to have some fun with the Boast About Messing Around interaction from Parenthood.
My overhaul includes the following:

➡️7 new Moodlets for both the Boasting Sim and the recipient. The moodlets the Sims receive are dependent on things like traits, mood and the relationship between the two Sims. Similarly, there are different reactions if the boasting happens to be true!
➡️ 1 new Sentiment for Sims who've had enough of listening to another Sim Boasting.

Spread Rumours About WooHoo

Teens spreading rumours is another interaction I enjoy from Parenthood but it seemed such a shame that nothing ever really came of it. So I tweaked that and now you can see exactly what those cheeky teens are saying.
My overhaul includes the following:

➡️ 6 new Moodlets for both the rumour-spreading Sim and the recipient. The moodlets the Sims receive are dependent on things like traits, mood and the relationship between the two Sims.
➡️ 5 new notifications to show what rumours the teens are spreading and 4 new notifications to show the response to the rumour.
➡️ 1 new Sentiment for when teens get caught lying.
➡️ I also made the interaction autonomous. Let the mischief commence!
➡️ I created a new hidden trait, Heard Misinformation. Much like the hidden HadWooHoo trait Maxis made, this trait will be applied to your Teen sim if they hear, and believe, a rumour. This will have an impact on their other woohoo-related conversations (more later).

Give The WooHoo Talk

This one I really went to town on. This interaction is only availed between teens and their parents; the adult can give a WooHoo talk to their teenagers.
In real life, there are hundreds of different ways this can go. In the game, if felt very lacking and devoid of personality or any real feeling. So I wanted to change that and, with the suggestions sent to me by multiple members of the community, I've ended up giving, what I hope, is some personality to this terrific interaction.
My overhaul includes the following:

➡️ 33 new Moodlets between the parents and the teenagers. Once again, the responses to this interaction will be dependent on the relationship between parent and teen, their mood, traits, whether or not the teen has heard rumours and whether or not the teen has already had WooHoo.
➡️ 4 new Sentiments relating to the experience.
➡️ Now, if the teen has already heard some rumours from other teens, this is an opportunity where those rumours *might* be debunked. If the interaction goes well (especially with a high relationship between parent and teen), then the hidden 'Heard Misinformation' trait will be removed from the teen.
➡️ I've also added a new hidden 'Had WooHoo Talk' trait that is given after this discussion takes place.

Ask About WooHoo

This little interaction is available for teens and they can ask any other Teen, Young Adult, Adult or Elder. Again, it's a great addition and a nice touch but never really seemed to do anything, so I've tackled that.
My overhaul includes the following:

➡️ 17 new Moodlets for the asking Sim and the Sim being asked. Once again, the responses to this interaction will be dependent on the relationship between the two Sims, their mood, traits, whether or not the teen has heard rumours and whether or not the teen has already had a WooHoo talk.
➡️ 9 new notifications to show the response by the Sim who's been asked.
➡️ 1 New Sentiment
➡️ This interaction now provides another way of debunking rumours. If the asking Sim has heard a rumour and the target Sim has not, or is older, then there's a good chance they'll be able to debunk a rumour for the teen. This is especially likely if they've already had a successful WooHoo chat with their parents.

Tell Urban Legend

This is another of those great Parenthood Mischief interactions that never had much use. So once again, I set out to add some life to this interaction.
My overhaul includes:

➡️Ten different urban legends can be told as a result of this interaction. They take inspiration from lore from Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4 and are:

The Haunted Halls of the University of Britechester
The Mysteries of the Statues
The Chilling Tale of Larry Lobster
The Secret History of Vladislaus Straud IV
The Love Affair Of Temperance and Guidry
The Wolf of Moonwood Mill
The Nectar Assassination Attempt
The Bella Goth Abduction
The Infected Town
The Fire of the Von Haunt Estate
➡️ 36 new moodlets between the mischievous Sim and the target. The response to the urban legend will vary depending on whether or not the listening Sim has the Brave trait but also depending on whether the listening Sim is an occult Sim (only some occults apply).
➡️10 notifications to tell the urban legends.
➡️ There are 10 new hidden traits relating to having heard each individual legend. These traits add a tiny memory system to the mod. Once a Sim has heard a legend, they will remember that legend and will have a slightly higher chance of choosing that legend to tell to another Sim.
➡️This means they will gain moodlets and notifications relating to that memory. These could appear in certain worlds, on certain lots or even when doing certain activities.
➡️ The Urban Legends can also be told as Group Stories, either around a campfire or straight to a group of Sims. This does not include the hidden traits/memories so hearing a legend this way won't have the same impact. Similarly, there will be no notification. You will need Outdoor Retreat for this part of the interaction but the mod works fine without it.
➡️ Finally, the interaction is also now added for University Students, although they will only be able to tell 3 of the legends (The Haunted Halls of the University of Britechester, The Chilling Tale of Larry Lobster and The Mysteries of the Statues). They will also gain the memories.

➡️ If you have Lumpinou's LQBTQIA+ Mod installed, then your Asexual Sims will receive appropriate moodlets, akin to the Unflirty Sim.
➡️ This mod edits the following tuning files:
As such, it will conflict with any other mod that does the same.

Technical Details
This mod is Base Game Compatible, although Parenthood is required to see the 'Boast About Messing Around', 'Spread Rumours About WooHoo' and 'Tell Urban Legend' interactions. Outdoor Retreat is recommended for the Group Story interaction.

I hope you all have fun with these new responses. More interactions will be added to the mod in the future, so keep an eye out!
Please Note: The rumours in the notifications are, of course, rumours and are definitely false.

There is a Base Mood version which does not require the Mood Pack mod.

The mod is available in the following languages:
English (Me)
French (Kimikosoma)(Included)
Portuguese (Vólusims, Download Here)
Spanish (Laura, Download Here)(Chofis, Download Here)

Kimikosoma for providing me with ideas and suggestions for many of the moodlets found in the mod.
Jayde and Lala for also providing me with ideas for responses and moodlets, especially for the 'Give The WooHoo Talk' interaction.
LittleMsSam for helping me with the moodlets for the memories!
Sims 4 Studio
Kimikosoma, Laura, Chofis and Vólusims for translating!