Digitigrade Werewolf Legs (Default Replacer)

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Uploaded: 7th Aug 2022 at 5:39 PM
Updated: 6th Sep 2022 at 7:10 AM
Update 9/5/22: Added a very quick and dirty texture overlay for the paws while I work on improving these overall (mainly fixing some small weight paint issues I've noticed, reworking the UV, eventually making the werewolf pack pants compatible, and figuring out what the hell happened to the foot slider because something sure did but for the moment I'm at a loss and I'm trying not to become an active annoyance in the help forums). They aren't perfect, but they at least look better than no shading at all. They're technically eyebrows because I didn't want to make people download CAS Unlocker or anything just to use them, and as a result are unpaintable, but I've made six different swatches that should look at least decent with most natural wolves. Feedback is welcome at the moment because these are in no way a final version and I'll have to repaint them from scratch after the UV fix regardless.

And as always, if anyone figures out how to extract and modify that fur shading layer, please let me know so I can do this properly.

An attempt to improve the looks of the werewolves by giving them more animalistic legs and paws. These will replace the unclothed legs/feet of both male and female werewolves. As of right now they only work as intended on naked werewolves (or at least werewolves that only wear shirts), but I do have plans to make digitigrade versions of all bottom and fullbody clothes in the werewolf pack so they can at least wear something.

There are a couple issues with these (namely the texture is much lower quality than I'd like because there's currently no existing way I know of to extract the fur shading layer of the pelt, so I wasn't able to make one that actually fits the legs and had to do my best with the UV, and there are some artifacts that seem related to the foot size slider that I've found no way to fix) but since there seems to be nothing I can do about them at the moment I'm still considering them finished, and will update in the future with fixes if I have the tools for it. For now they still look fine for regular gameplay.