The Hopes & Fears Mod ~ Version

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2022 at 8:49 AM
Updated: 25th Oct 2022 at 6:52 AM
Compatible with Patch 1.92

Change Log:

25th October 2022 ~ No version change
~ Updated French translation

15th October 2022 ~ Version ~ Please delete the old version because this will not overwrite.
~ Quick fix for one of the Robotics whimsets where the objective was mistakenly included in the Custom Wants Mod.

14th October 2022 ~ Version 1.2 ~ Please delete the old version because this will not overwrite.
~ Adds 4 Robotics whimsets, relating to having the skill, having mini bots in the inventory and attending the robotics event at Foxbury.
~ Overhauls the Fear of the Dark. More information on the changes can be found Here.
~ Fixed an error relating to the Play Foosball want on Bar venues. You shouldn’t get any more errors on Bars now.

The Hopes & Fears Mod is a continuous Work In Progress. What this means is I'll be adding more content to it over time, including more custom Wants and custom Fears.

This mod is an overhaul of the Wants & Fears system. For information on the individual fears, view the specific page HERE.

You Will Need:
  • Scumbumbo's XML Injector ~ This is needed for the Custom Fears since they add new interactions. You need at least Version 4. Don’t worry; the XML Injector doesn’t add anything to your game, it just allows this mod to work as intended.
  • The Custom Wants Mod (also by Me) ~ This is a loader mod for all my custom wants, so if you want my new custom-made wantss, you'll need to download this too.

What Does It Do?
  • The Hopes & Fears Mod overhauls whimsets for Traits, Aspirations, Careers, Skills and more by adding new Wants to these sets, specifically custom ones.
  • It adds whimsets for the Traits, Aspirations, Careers, Skills, Lifestyles and more from later packs that didn't have them as well as Base Game ones, such as Child Aspirations.
  • It also adds whimsets for certain situations, such as Having a Bad Day at Work and Having a Cheating Partner. Now your Sims will put it appropriate Wants for these situations, including going on a Date.
  • It overhauls the whimsets for venues, so you'll get some appropriate Reactionary Wants when visiting some venues (to be developed further).
  • It adds new Fears to be developed by your Sims after certain situations (development of a Fear is not a guarantee; in other words, not every Sim will develop a Fear). It also overhauls existing Fears.
  • Finally, it upgrades the Whims Maxis Left Behind into Wants and re-adds them to whimsets. It also contains whimsets for the Child, Toddler and Elder life stages.

The Technical Details

This mod is Base Game Compatible.
It is split into multiple folders based on pack, so you must delete the folders for packs you don't have.
Similarly, the Fears are in their own folders and you can delete those if you do not wish to have the Fears in your game.

This will conflict with bienchien's Whim Overhaul mod, since they do edit the same whimsets in many places.
This will conflict with mods that edit the Fear of the Dark in any way. Simply delete the Fear of the Dark file if you wish to use a different mod in conjunction with this one.
There is a chance it will presently conflict with Trait Overhauls and Aspiration overhauls. I am working on eliminating this possibility with the next update, however I can't guarantee anything. No longer an issue. Version 1.1 and beyond no longer conflicts with these mods.
It is compatible with any other mod adding Custom Fears.

The mod currently supports the following translations:
~ English (Me)
~ French (Kimikosoma)
~ Portuguese (Maluk)
~ Spanish (Laura Martinez Barca, Download Here)

Known Issues
~ I have occasionally received a Better Exceptions error in relation to some of the career wants. I think it's been fixed now but if anybody does get such an error, please send it to me.

Planned Updates
This is only Version 1 and I have a lot of updates planned including:
~ More new Wants for the later packs.
~ More Custom Fears
~ More reactionary whimsets for events and situations.

Final Note
All feedback is welcome, so please don’t be afraid to drop a comment. Any issues, please let me know and I’ll do my best to solve them!
If you have a mod that does end up conflicting with this one, let me know! I can reach out to the creator and see if we can find a way to make them compatible.

Without the following people, this mod would never have come to light:

My Patrons ~ To everyone who played the test versions of the Whims & Fancies version, thank you very much for your feedback: specifically Coffeebina and Tedsie. Your feedback was incredibly helpful to me! Additional thanks to WaterLily for providing wonderful feedback on some of the features for the Fear of the Dark overhaul.
Rex for the custom Wants for the Get To Work Careers and the Robotics skill, as well as several others that feature.
adeepindigo for answering mod questions whenever I've had them and helping me solve my Being On A Date whimset issue.
Scumbumbo for creating the XML Injector and Triplis for updating and maintaining it.
Andrew for Sims 4 Studio
Laura for translating!
Everyone who added feedback and ideas, suggestions and thoughts to my many teasers on Twitter. Thank you so much to everyone!