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Yoga Mod

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2022 at 8:13 PM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2023 at 8:08 AM
Mod Description

This mod brings the yoga activity from The Sims 4: Spa Day to The Sims 3. Originally created by Alunn, I recently took over the mod to add additional features and bring it to release!

This is a script mod that can be placed in your Packages folder. It was built and tested on 1.69 but should work fine on 1.67.


Added Mexican Spanish translation by Nyvielz

  • New Object: Yoga Mat
  • 4 New Interactions
  • 49 TS4 to TS3 Converted Animations
  • 10 Yoga Poses


Zen Again Yoga Mat
-Price: §125
-Category: Hobbies and Skills
-Includes all 12 original swatches + 6 additional swatches from TS4 instructor's yoga mat
-4 different CASt options (three with designs, one plain)
-Poly Count: 2 poly

The Perfect Yoga Mat
-Price: §130
-Category: Hobbies and Skills
-Includes all 16 original swatches
-3 different CASt options (two with designs, one plain)
-Poly Count: 2 poly

The yoga mat is draggable in Live Mode and can be placed in a sim’s personal or family inventory.

Yoga Mat

Using any of the yoga mat interactions will build the Athletic skill (except for Children), though some more slowly than others. As your sim’s skill increases, they will learn new yoga poses and improve on their execution of previous ones.

A sim’s Athletic skill also determines how long they can use the mat before becoming Fatigued* (anywhere from 4-7 hours):
  • Skill Level 1-3 (Poor/Novice): 4 hours
  • Skill Level 4-6 (Normal): 5 hours
  • Skill Level 7-9 (Skilled): 6 hours
  • Skill Level 10 (Expert): 7 hours

*Children will always get Fatigued after 3 hours.

Your sim won’t gain muscle, lose weight, or become more fit from using the mat, but they will fulfill any generic workout related wishes. And sims won’t lose Hygiene as fast as they would using other athletic equipment.

Sims aged Teen and up will switch into their athletic outfit, take off their shoes before using the mat, and put them back on when finished. Children will switch into their athletic outfit, but leave their shoes on.

Pregnant sims can use the mat in any trimester!


Practice Yoga (Child and Up): Raises Athletic skill, gives sims the Tranquil moodlet after 2 hours, small boost to Fun need

Do Yoga Routine… (Teen and Up):
  • Stress Relieving (Level 3 Athletic Skill): Boosts Fun need, gives Tranquil moodlet, slowly raises Athletic skill, can be used even when sims have the Stressed moodlet
  • Mind Balancing (Level 5 Athletic Skill): Boosts Social need, gives Tranquil moodlet, small boost to Fun need, slowly raises Athletic skill
  • Energy Centering (Level 7 Athletic Skill): Boosts Energy need, gives Tranquil moodlet, small boost to Fun need, slowly raises Athletic skill

By default, yoga routines will only boost their specific needs up to half way, so don't think your sims can forgo a good night's rest or talking to a friend in favor of a tree pose or two!

  • Boat Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Half Moon Pose
  • Handstand
  • Lord of the Dance Pose
  • Side Plank Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Triangle Pose
  • Warrior Pose


Sims with the Athletic skill, Martial Arts skill, Athletic trait, or the Disciplined trait will be drawn to use the mat autonomously. Sims will also be drawn to the mat when it is placed on a Gym, Dojo, or Chinese Garden lot type.


All of the following values are tunable in the mod’s XML file:
  • Minutes to Add Fatigued Poor/Novice, Normal, Skilled, and Expert
  • Minutes to Add Fatigued Child
  • Minutes to Add Tranquil

Conflicts & Known Issues

-As this is a brand new scripted object there shouldn’t be any conflicts.

-Teen sims sink a bit into the mat on certain animations because The Sims 4 doesn’t have shorter teens to convert animations from.

-If a laundry basket/washer/dryer has been placed on the lot, when sims take off their shoes to use the yoga mat a pile of clothing will spawn.

Supported Languages


EA/Maxis for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, Visual Studio 2019, ILSpy, SmoothJazz, Blender, s3pe, TSRW, Sims4Studio, Milkshape, and Gimp.

Thank You

First and foremost, I want to thank Alunn for kick-starting this mod and allowing me to continue improving it!

Thank you Lyralei and zoe22 for helping with the early programming. Thank you mbottle, Jathom95 and enable_llamas for being early testers in the beta thread and providing valuable feedback and suggestions.

And to all of the folks in the Sims 3 Creator Discord who helped me with coding, animations, ideas, and testing: thank you Battery, FloTheory, TheSweetSimmer, and MissPat!