Fantasyrogue's PlantSim Skin Default [3to2 Conversion]

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Uploaded: 24th Nov 2022 at 11:34 AM
This is a default replacement for the PlantSim skin overlay.
Conversion of Fantasyrogue's Run Through the Jungle PlantSim skin default for Sims 3.
Looks more natural than the tattoo-like Maxis skin but still Maxis-Match!


2K adult body textures, 1K toddler (both double the resolution of original files)
1K face textures (double the resolution of original files)
512x512 scalp textures (same resolution as original files)

Green gums

Corolla shaped eye overlay that keeps the original eye color visible

A piece of leaf on each side of the face

3 Opacity Options:
  • TRANSPARENT: Just leaf overlay without the green body tint, letting the base skin of the sim retain its color.
  • SEMI-TRANSPARENT: Leaf overlay combined with translucent (50% opacity) green Maxis skin. PlantSims will have different tones of green skin depending on their base skin.
  • OPAQUE: Leaf overlay combined with fully opaque green Maxis skin. All PlantSims will have the same skin tone just like they do in the original game.

Reminder to clear your cache before using


This is not a fully accurate conversion as I've made some changes to make it easier for myself to fit the textures to the Sims 2 bodies. Most noticeable change is around the clavicle; I've erased some parts there.
Eye and face details are also my own additions.

The skin is mostly seamless. There are a few imperfections if you look closely but generally there aren't much harsh seam lines.
If you notice harsh seam lines with the Transparent or Semi-Transparent version, it might be due to the underlying base skin you use - even the original Maxis skins have some seam faults. I've cleaned up the Maxis skin that I used as a tint base for Opaque and Semi-Transparent versions though, so it should look fine if your underlying skin is fine too.

Midge the Tree's Child & Teen PlantSims mod allows defaults like this to appear on teen and child PlantSims.

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Fantasyrogue - Creator of the original skin

Extra Notes:
You can edit and recolor this as you like as long as you credit me and Fantasyrogue, don't profit and share on paysites or TSR.
See Fantasyrogue's policies here.