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Maxis Match Polaroids and Postcards

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2022 at 12:20 AM
Updated: 22nd Jan 2023 at 3:48 AM

Recolours for polaroids and postcards using images that are found in the game files and/or promo pictures.
For the polaroid mesh there are 37 recolours in total, 14 landscapes and 23 with sims on them.
For the postcard mesh there are 8 recolours in total. The 4 recolours of version 1 contain the same landscape pictures as the 4 recolours of version 2, they are just distributed differently. In version 1 I tried to separate the landscape pictures by colour so that they would fit better for rooms that have a certain colour scheme. In version 2 I tried to mix the different colours so that those would fit better in rooms that needed a more colourful wall hanging.

Polaroid Pictures
Buy Mode \ Decorative \ Wall Hangings (§15)
Mesh is included, as per autumn-rosesims' and litttlecakes' TOUs
TS4 Postcards
Buy Mode \ Decorative \ Wall Hangings (§10)
Mesh is included
I couldn't find limonaire's TOU and their ask box isn't open so I couldn't ask them about it either. I've included the mesh but should they contact me in the future and tell me that they're not okay with it, I will of course remove the mesh.

Files have been compressorized. The recolours in the polaroid swatch are lined up in alphabetical order to make it easier to find the ones you want to keep (first row left to right, then second row left to right, and so on). The postcard mesh consists of 4 postcards hung up one underneath the other. So in the postcard swatches the recolours are lined up in alphabetical order simply from left to right.

CC/Mods used for screenshots:Thanks to:
  • All the creators mentioned above
  • The creators of SimPE
  • jfade for The Compressorizer
  • Maxis and EA for the game in general and especially for the textures I used