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A Midsimmer Night's Dream

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2005 at 1:24 AM
Updated: 2nd Jun 2007 at 3:22 AM by tiggerypum

Well met and welcome to the Magick Modder’s first set.

‘A Midsimmer Night's Dream’ is designed to take your sims back to a time before Elves and their magics left this world. A time of chivalry and courtly love. We’re bringing you a cartload of new meshed objects, clothes and hair, as well as some beautiful recolors.

You'll find a blend of history and fantasy here, for you to build your own Sim fantasy worlds with. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did making them.

The Magick Modders are: Helaene, Bettye, Lethe_s, SixStringSlim, Tiggerypum, and WhiteArchangel

Our thanks to everyone who contributed ideas, including LyricLee and Anniebonnie, and especially to Delphy and the staff.

All zips include a readme file with extra information and all content works in all versions of the game, unless stated otherwise. The objects in this set all have face counts that are comparable or well below their maxis originals. Necessary meshes are included with the downloads unless otherwise noted.

Recoloring is welcome. But you MUST CREATE YOUR OWN GRAPHICS. (As stated in most of the readme files)

Fare thee well, kind simmer!


5/31/07 Fixed links to more stuff to point to the Sims2Wiki, which is a much better list

(all below from 2005)
11/16 Added links for Tig's Girl Bell Dress and Winter's Horse Cart Car (msg 11)

11/15 Added Bettye's Women and Elderly Simple Gowns, Toddler Outfits for Girls and Boys (Women's section)

11/15 Added Bettye's Boy's Tunics and Swim/Underwear (Men's section 2)

11/9 Added Bettye's Woman's Shifts to the women's section (same as in the thread)

11/9 Added AnnieBonnie's Elves (message 11)

10/29 *Please redownload the medieval doors and overwrite your old files.* The new package should fix any problems.

You'll find the downloads in messages 2-11 of this thread. Click 'First' page if you can't find them!