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Greenwood Creek - a fantasy, storybook character house

by ninotchka Posted 16th Mar 2010 at 3:12 AM - Updated 15th Jun 2010 at 1:51 AM by ninotchka
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Lab Assistant
#2 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 3:40 AM
This is just stunning, wow! I love the roof :D
Veteran Finn
retired moderator
#3 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 8:10 AM
Wow, what a pretty house

I remember when I made my park, Garden of Eden, I had so much feedback on the bridge not working, so I thought why don't I make a fence around it, that'll force them to use it, and it did Dunno if there is any other way to make them use the bridges on their own.
Original Poster
#4 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 8:46 AM
Thanks for great comments and thanks UploadManager

Armiel, I wish I had have seen your gorgeous Garden of Eden and feedback earlier, because the first time I made a bridge, I wasted a lot of time making my test crash sims walk back and forth, scratching my head as to why they were ignoring the bridge
Mad Poster
#6 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 11:08 AM
Fantastic, I love Storybook Style houses and this is gorgeous!
Test Subject
#7 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 11:39 AM
It's adorable! thanks!
Lab Assistant
#8 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 12:05 PM
I like it xD
Test Subject
#9 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 12:16 PM
This is just the cutest house ever! I totally had to have it! Thanks so much!
Rabid Recoloring Renegade
retired moderator
#10 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 12:58 PM
This is very pretty. Thanks for sharing :-)
Field Researcher
#11 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 3:23 PM
This is gorgeous. Bugger the sims I'd love to live in a house like this! Thank you.
Forum Resident
#12 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 6:07 PM
I don't have WA, but I wish I did... this is beautiful... I LOVE IT!!!
Test Subject
#13 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 6:58 PM
I have tried many times before! But it never worked.
Test Subject
#14 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 7:09 PM
Thank you! It works amazing in the game too!
Original Poster
#15 Old 16th Mar 2010 at 10:15 PM
Thank you all for the lovely feedback

hi jfacc - the stairs are not diagonal, everything around them is diagonal (if that makes sense).
Lab Assistant
#16 Old 17th Mar 2010 at 12:26 AM
Just lovely, you have an amazing attention to detail. Thanks a lot, this is beautiful.
#17 Old 17th Mar 2010 at 1:35 AM
So wonderful

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Field Researcher
#18 Old 17th Mar 2010 at 4:55 PM
This is adorable! Thank you for a lovely lot

for more of my lots check out my blog: smmishing.wordpress.com/
Test Subject
#19 Old 18th Mar 2010 at 6:32 AM
love it!
Field Researcher
#20 Old 19th Mar 2010 at 6:20 AM
I love this. Thank you so much.

Have a bright platinum diamond day!
Test Subject
#21 Old 19th Mar 2010 at 10:15 AM
Oh my god, WHOW. This is amazing work...-drools- I totally love the roof style xD
#22 Old 19th Mar 2010 at 2:27 PM
cute and impressive work!!
Lab Assistant
#23 Old 21st Mar 2010 at 1:56 PM
Very pretty!

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Moderator of pixels for pixels
retired moderator
#24 Old 22nd Mar 2010 at 5:49 PM
Ooohhhh so pretty!! Thanks for sharing =)

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#25 Old 23rd Mar 2010 at 4:22 AM
Yay, congrats on getting it featured. It's definitely beautiful.

No, u can't haz cheezburger
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