Sleeker Sexier Thigh High Platform Boots

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Uploaded 18th May 2006 at 10:45 PM · Updated 5th Jun 2006 at 7:29 PM by DBCAB

Sleeker Sexier Thigh High Platform Boots, no split and way slimer than the first pair of thigh highs I have posted here.

These boots will in no way effect or over write the proir pair of boots I have posted on this forumn so if you like the bigger bulker boot style with the split in the boots from the other poist you can keep them too.

University is required for this skin to function.

Please do not redistribute my meshes without my permission recolors are welcomed on mts2 as long as a link to the original mesh is made so the mesh may be downloaded.

This clothing skin is also mutipart the body part is actually seperate from the boots to make it easier to recolor.

UPDATE: 5-23-06

There was a small split in the heel of the boots in the last upload, I have fixed this and have updated the download , please redownload if you had noticed the small flaw , and want the updated version where it is fixed. This upload will overwrite the prior, for easier installation.

UPDATE: 6-5-06, The boots have been re texture mapped for easier recoloring so the front and back may be colored as desired and the texture will meet on the side of the boot, as seen in the picture.

This update will also over write the prior for easier installaion.