H&B DualWash - DualDry [Functional Laundry Day appliances]

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One unit. Two machines.

We all have different lifestyles. Some of us have very big households and with that, also very big loads of laundry! Some others have smaller households or just started a new life in their first house and their laundry will definitely look a lot different every time, size wise. That's the reason that brought us to create DualWash and DualDry. Those units feature a second machine on the top, smaller in size, not in performance.

Navigating through the options of the cycles, made easier.
Our cycle settings are completely customizable, to make sure you get your clothes washed the way you want. Start with selecting a pre-made program using the dial, then, move to the options on the side and select the extra features you want and the temperature, spins and rinses. The mini top load unit works separately from the main big capacity drum, it also comes with its own power button on the control panel.

Smaller body, bigger technologies.
While our machines are designed with a slimmer body, they contain much more advanced technology inside of them:
  • H&B Waterfall: the best presoak cycle available on the market, using our special top water jet which can auto-detect the water pressure needed;
  • H&B Turbodrum: both DualWash and DualDry are equipped with our own engineered TurboDrum, a tungsten drum powered by a DirectDrive brushless motor that offers a wide range of sensors that can detect the load weight for an effective wash;
  • Additive sensing: adding your own final touch to the wash is very important, that's why we've created the revolutionary Additive Sensor, located inside of a special tray, it can sense your additive and unlock special wash types related to that;
  • LintStop: DualDry is the first ever dryer to feature an Auto Lint Removal system that can detect the lint inside the lint tray and remove by sending it to the drain hose included with the DualDry unit.

Informations about the objects:

Full name in catalog:
- DualDry: H&B DualDry - Tumble Dryer
- DualWash: H&B DualWash - Washing Machine

Thumbnail in catalog:

Edited tuning for better experience:
As you could guess from the preview pictures and from the brand description, these machines have all the upgrades pre-installed. With that, comes a price increase: they both cost 3000 simoleons.

Developing history (actually useful information for CC creators):

Polygon Counts:
High LOD: 2593 Polygons
Medium LOD: 2593 Polygons
No shadow meshes.

High LOD: 2471 Polygons
Medium LOD: 2471 Polygons
No shadow meshes-

Additional Credits:
Blender - Modelling and doing the last picture's render;
Sims4Studio - Some package editing including the tuning and the disappearing bug workaround;
TSR Workshop - Package base with geostate support (thank you guys for existing)
Paint.net - Texture creating;
Photoshop - normal map editing;