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Pretentious Trait

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Uploaded: 27th Feb 2020 at 7:09 PM
Updated: 29th Feb 2020 at 10:49 PM - Added trait category under Basic Features
Yeah, yeah, I know, we already have the Snob trait. But for certain types of sims, such as those who don't care about having expensive household decor but would never be caught dead watching the Sports channel, the Snob trait doesn't really cut it. That's why I've made this new Pretentious trait to add some of those nuances to your sims! In general, this trait is meant to represent a "hipster" mindset -- the irony, the boredom being around normal people and doing normal activities, and the discomfort other people feel being around someone who acts pretentious in a social setting. This is my first mod and will be updated over time to add more depth and fix any issues.

Basic features:
  • Appears in the Social category
  • Like-minded moodlet that appears when Pretentious sims are around each other or sims with related traits
  • Feeling Foolish moodlet that occurs for sims with Childish, Goofball, and related traits when in the vicinity of Pretentious sims
  • Pretentious sims experience boredom or stress in Nightclub and Karaoke Bar venues
  • Certain TV channels and movie genres give Pretentious sims negative moodlets...
  • ...except in very rare instances where watching these things gives your sim Ironic Enjoyment (Playful +1)!
  • New interactions like "Joke About Plebs" (with like-minded sims) or "Condescend" (a mean interaction)
  • Higher chance for certain Whims involving reading books, going to museums, and similar activities suited to your Pretentious sim's tastes.
  • Increased skill gains in Painting, Logic, and Writing
  • Occasional Inspired +1 moodlet from being enlightened by one's own intelligence!
  • At times overly flavorful flavor text.

Trait details:
Whims (all weight 1 unless otherwise specified):
  • Share ideas
  • Read something
  • Start writing a book
  • Gain a logic skill point
  • Write poems
  • Write something
  • Brag
  • Admire art at Museum
  • Browse Simpedia
  • Play chess
  • Crush a child's dreams
  • Publish book
  • Write outstanding book
  • Write screenplay
  • Write a bestseller
  • Read something
  • Play chess at the Library
  • Eat and learn an experimental recipe (with Dine Out)
  • Order drink at an espresso bar (with Get Together)
  • Travel to Museum

Skill boosts:
  • Logic skill gain x2
  • Painting skill gain x1
  • Writing skill gain x1

Need decay:
  • Fun decay x1.8

  • Feeling Foolish: Embarrassed (+1) moodlet applied to Childish and Goofball sims with a fame level of under 4 who also lack any of the following traits: Snob, Shameless, Professorial, Genius, Self-Assured, Pretentious
  • Like-Minded: Happy (+1) moodlet applied to Snob, Mentally Gifted, Pretentious, and Genius sims who also lack the following traits: Goofball, Childish
  • Enlightened: Occasional Inspired (+1) buff given to Pretentious sims (lasts 4 hours)
  • Witnessing Degeneracy/Pedestrian: 50/50 chance of gaining a Witnessing Degeneracy (Tense (+1)) or Pedestrian (Bored (+1)) moodlet from being in Nightclub or Karaoke Bar venues[/I]
  • Drivel: Bored (+1) moodlet from watching the Comedy, Romance, Sports, Action, or Kids channels on TV, listening to Pop or Hip-Hop music, or watching the following movies: College Cram, Moonlight Massacre, Roaring Vice, Sims of the Dead. Note that in 50% of cases, Pretentious sims will forego this moodlet and receive a playful buff instead (see below)
  • Ironic Enjoyment: Playful (+1) moodlet received 50% of the time instead of the Drivel moodlet (see above for moodlet triggers)

New interactions:
  • Brag About Intelligence: Available under Friendly interactions with all sims
  • Joke about Plebs: Available under Funny interactions with Like-Minded sims (see above for traits included)
  • Condescend: Available under Mean interactions with all sims

Plans for future updates:
  • Moodlets edited to encompass more in-game traits.
  • More depth added to skill boosts
  • Career boosts
  • Anything else you might suggest!

Enjoy and let me know if there are any problems! This is my first mod, so be nice but give me some constructive critique!

Additional Credits:

French translation by Kimikosoma

CC in images:
Toffee skinblend by Kumikya
Intuition eyes by Simandy
Kijiko 3D lashes
Purity hair by SimLotus

Mod created with Zerbu's Mod Contructor

Thanks to all of the above!