Graveyard Lot Trait

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Uploaded 14th Aug 2020 at 1:16 PM · Updated 5th Jul 2021 at 12:26 AM by Simularity : updates and fixes

Updated July 04, 2021 to add more autonomy directions for Sims to mourn at tombstones and urns (SEE NOTES BELOW!) and also added more times per day that mourners show up at the graveyard (they’ll be the ones dressed in formal wear). Plus some other minor fixes and improvements.

This lot trait will turn any generic lot into a proper graveyard perfect for all of your deceased Sims to move to as their final resting place... if they wish to rest that is! During the day, the graveyard will be populated with mourners paying their respects to lost loved ones. At night, the graveyard will be haunted by those whom have been lost. The lot trait may includes a few more surprises as well. Read on... if you dare!

Here are the features currently included in this trait mod:
  • At 9am to before 10pm: NPC mourners appear to grieve at the graveyard.
  • At 10pm to before 5am: NPC ghosts appear to haunt the graveyard.
  • Timed emotional buffs will affect your Sim as soon as they step foot in the graveyard and at different times of day/night.
  • Your Sim will also receive emotional buffs when they finally leave the graveyard.
  • Special buffs for Vampires at different times of day/night though the Vampires Game Pack is not required for this Lot Trait to work. It's just a bonus!
  • Special buffs for Evil, Squeamish, and Gloomy Sims rather than the default buffs all other Sims get.
  • Special buffs for Alien Sims though the Get to Work Expansion Pack (from which Aliens come from) is not required for this lot trait to work. It’s just a bonus!

Here are some of the mood buffs you can expect with this trait mod but there might be more:

v1.25 - This the second release of this lot trait. It now includes new buffs for vampires while excluding said vampires from experiencing the same buffs as mortals. Evil Sims will also not experience sadness upon entering the graveyard. If you have suggestions on how it could be further improved, let me know. Thanks!
v.1.25b - Now includes both Spanish and Russian translations! Spanish translation is by CRH and Russian translation is by barbie_hunter.
v.1.25c - Fixed the venue restrictions that should have been there since v1.0. It no longer will work on residential lots as it was intended to be. Sorry for those who were using it on such but it wasn’t supposed to work that way. If I get enough requests to change it back, I may alter it again or create a separate yet similar lot trait for residential lots. Also now includes both German and Portuguese translations! German translation is by granatapfelsaft and Portuguese translation is by Taiyourin.
v.1.26 - Updated for the v.1.69 Sims 4 patch which previously broke this and my other lot traits. Now they work again! YAY!! All other features remain the same. It just works again now.
v.1.3 - Added unique buffs for the following types of Sims: Evil, Squeamish, Gloomy, and Vampires. I also added a weekly visit from the Grim Reaper! All translations are now out of date so if you provided a translation before, I and the community would greatly appreciate it if you would translate the new version. Pretty please?
v1.4 - Updated for the recent 1.70 patch with the new Scared emotion. Also added buffs for Alien Sims. Plus new translations are included! Simplified and Traditional Chinese by Ciway, German by andi_paradise, and Portuguese by Francine.
v1.49 - Added three new translations (Italian by Francesca, Spanish by Josué, and Czech by Mikaela.) plus some minor edits and fixes.
v1.5 - Added more autonomy directions for Sims to mourn at tombstones and urns (SEE NOTES BELOW!) and also added more times per day that mourners show up at the graveyard (they’ll be the ones dressed in formal wear). Plus some other minor fixes and improvements.

To use this trait you'll need to go into Build Mode on any given lot. Start by selecting the Venue Type as "Generic" as that seems to be the best choice for a graveyard thus far. Then go to Lot Traits panel and select "Graveyard" which should be this lot trait. See the preview image at the top of this post to see what the lot trait icon and description should look like in the game.

As for the lot itself; build to your heart's content or do a search in the official Sims 4 gallery for #graveyard or #cemetery and I'm sure you'll find something to your liking. The lot trait will work with any type of lot other than residential type lots.

For the mourners and other Sims to mourn autonomously, they must have something to mourn! Blank tombstones and urns from debug won’t work (I tried). You need actual dead Sims for them to mourn. So, either wait until a Sim dies of natural causes or… uh… don’t wait. Then put the tombstone/urn on the graveyard lot so that the mourners and others will start doing their thing.


None that I know of.

KawaiiStacie (creator of the popular Slice of Life mod) first created a Graveyard Lot Trait mod that was similar to this but has since abandoned that mod and it is no longer available anywhere for download. I created this new lot trait from scratch on my own. I would still like to give props to KawaiiStacie for coming up with the original idea and inspiring me to create my own graveyard lot trait. Thank you.
I created this trait mod using the Mod Constructor v4 by Zerbu. I wish to thank Kutto and Lumpinou from Zerbu's Realm Discord channel for their essential help in creating this lot trait. I also utilized Sims 4 Studio for several edits so thank you to the team behind that program as well. I would like to thank DeathPoke1qa for making the suggestion that I alter the trait to behave differently for vampires and evil Sims which I now have. I may be making more edits in the future because of their suggestions and others. Thank you to MizoreYukii of the Creator Musings Discord channel for helping me figure out the venue restrictions on all my lot traits!

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