Children Can Throw Parties

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2021 at 2:41 PM
Updated: 19th Dec 2021 at 6:52 PM
A simple mod that allows children to throw their own parties for themselves, so their friends can attend instead of their parent's friends! I've always found it too difficult/annoying for parents to build relationships with their children's friends so this was the best workaround for me.

Parties affected: Generic/House Party, Apartment Party, Birthday Party, Sports Party.

Thank you to Midge The Tree over on Tumblr (@Radium) for providing me with these simple instructions on how to make this mod. Use these instructions if you want to make any of @Simler90′s New Parties throwable by children too.

Compatible with @Simler90′s New Parties and Midge's Community Lot Parties (though these 2 mods aren't compatible with each other, see how to make them compatible here ). Not Compatible or needed with Chaavik's Community Lot Parties as this feature is also included in that mod.

Requires Apartment Life (for Apartment Parties) & University (for Sports Parties).

Will conflict with any mod that also affects the following resources...
Birthday Party - Test BHAV 0x7F2589BC 0x0000100A
Sports Party - Test BHAV 0x7F2589BC 0x0000101D
Generic Party - Test BHAV 0x7F2589BC 0x00001000
Apartment Party - Test BHAV 0x7F2589BC 0x00001020

Additional Credits:
@Radium SimPE