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No Zodiac Chemistry

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2021 at 11:05 PM
Updated: 5th Mar 2021 at 1:29 AM - Minor description tweaks
This mod removes the zodiac-based attraction from the chemistry system. This means all star signs will now be neutral towards each other, none will have an attraction and none will have a repulsion.

Since this removes a potential +35 to the best possible attraction score, I lowered the threshold required for 3 bolts of chemistry from a score of 90 to a score of 75. When I tried this in game, no 2 bolters went up to 3 and no 3 bolters dropped down to 2, so this seems to be a good balance. You can easily change this threshold though, read how further down in the description.
Instead, I found that 2 of my important Veronaville couples, Juliette Capp & Romeo Monty and Hermia Capp & Puck Summerdream previously had 1 bolt now have 2 bolts because they previously had the -35 penalty from mutual zodiac repulsion. As you can see from the screenshot, with this mod, Juliette is much more attracted to Romeo now!

I highly recommend using this mod with a mod that adds Secondary Aspirations to the Chemistry system such as HobbesED's Secondary Aspiration Attraction or Midgethetree's Romantic Standards . This will mean you have another very relevant way of getting attractions and repulsions.

I was inspired by GonerilCapp's Zodiac Compatibility Overhaul and I got some really helpful advice from Midgethetree here and here.

I in no way mean this mod as an insult to the belief in astrology. I wanted this mod for my game for several reasons; 1. I play with premade families and most of them have different personalities to what their star sign would usually be, 2. I use a few mods that basically untie star sign from personality such as Piqiwi's Parenthood and Epi's Baby Personality. This has pretty much resulted in star signs being completely random and irrelevant in my game. I did not want something so random interfering with the delicate complexity of the otherwise precise chemistry system.

How to change the minimum required attraction score for 3 bolts:
1. Open this mod with the latest version of SimPE
2. Click on the Attraction Tuning BCON and click the plugin view tab
3. Click on line 2 called 'Min Attraction for Heavy Attraction' and change the box next to 'Dec' on the left side from 75 (which was 90) to whatever you want!
4. Click 'Commit' then save the package
If you need more help with this, let me know!

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Midgethetree (@Radium), GonerilCapp