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Longer Maid Hours

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Uploaded: 19th Mar 2021 at 7:12 PM
This is a simple mod that changes the service hours of the maid from 10am-5pm to 8am-6pm.

I always found 10pm far too late for them to start and I often found that they'd say 'its a bit late, I have to leave now' in large dorms before finishing their work. This mod gives them more time to get everything done, but of course they will still go home before 6pm if they finish everything.

You might find that this mod does not immediately affect your currently hired maids. To change them to their new schedules, you may have to fire & rehire them or use the Bat Box to Force Errors on Off-world.

So that they are more fairly paid for their long hours, I highly recommend this mod. I also use this mod by Simler90, which, as well as many other things, often makes cleaning take longer.

Thanks so much to @midgethetree on tumblr for giving me some advice, it was a pain to find the right file to edit but the rest was simple!

How to change the hours to whatever you want:
1. Open this file with the latest version of SimPE
2. Click on the Service NPC - Hours of Service BCON and click the plugin view tab
3. Click on line 0xA (10) labelled 'starting hour' and change the box next to Dec on the left side from 8 to whatever you want it to be.
4. Click on line 0xB (11) labelled 'ending hour' and change the box next to Dec on the left side from 18 to whatever you want it to be.
5. Click the 'Commit' button then save the package
6. That's it! If you need more help with this, let me know!

Resources used:
Service NPC - Hours of Service BCON 0x7F73F66EE 0X00001003
This mod will conflict with any mod that edits the same bcon, I don't know of any so far.

Additional Credits:
SimPe, @midgethetree aka @radium