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TS4 GT Club Limits Reloaded

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2021 at 6:34 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2022 at 8:39 PM
The mod removes various GT club limits.

As a pure scripting mod it will usually not break after TS4 updates. It requires Get Together and S4CL.

PIE menu
* Join existing existing or new clubs (*1)
* Delete existing clubs (*1)
* Become the leader of a club
* Invite multiple sims to a club (up to 100 per invitation, use this with care)
* Start a club gathering (While at work one can not join an active gathering.)
* Add 10,000 points to a club

(*1) With the UI not updating properly the active sim itself can not delete its own clubs or join a new one. Click on any other random sim for these interactions.
A new club is always named 'o19'. Switch to the sim who is the owner of the new club to configure it as usual (name, description, rules, ...).

Cheat Commands
For testing purposes cheats have been added, they affect the active sim.
* `gt_club_limits.help` - Print and log the following cheat commands:
* `o19.gtcl.join` - Join existing existing club
* `o19.gtcl.delete` - Delete existing clubs (*1)
* `o19.gtcl.lead` - Become the leader of a club
* `o19.gtcl.invite` - Invite multiple sims to a club
* `o19.gtcl.start` - Start a club gathering
* `o19.gtcl.points` - Add 10,000 points to a club

A configuration file will be created after startup in 'The Sims 4/mod_data/gt_club_limits/' to change settings. It is still not possible to change the settings in-game via a computer interaction.

Maximum number of Sims that can be in a single Club.
As soon as a Sim is in 3 Clubs it can not create a new Club but it still can join Clubs or other household Sims can add it to a Club.
`MAX_MEMBERS_UNLIMITED: True` can be set to `MAX_MEMBERS_UNLIMITED: False` and then the `MAX_CLUB_MEMBERS` can be set. The default removes all limits.

Maximum number of Clubs a Sim can be a member of
The number of Clubs can be limited. Depending on the screen resolution and settings about 9 clubs can be displayed without a scroll-bar.
`MAX_CLUBS_UNLIMITED: True` can be set to `MAX_CLUBS_UNLIMITED: False` and then the `MAX_CLUBS` can be set. The default removes all limits.

Zones for Club gatherings
With `NO_CLUB_ZONE_VALIDATION: True` all zones should be accepted to start a club gathering. This can be disabled with `NO_CLUB_ZONE_VALIDATION: False`.

Club Requirements
With `NO_CLUB_REQUIREMENTS_VALIDATION: True` everyone should be able to join the club. This can be disabled with `NO_CLUB_REQUIREMENTS_VALIDATION: False`. It may allow to add non-humans to clubs.

  • This mod does not contain a tracker or other code to gather information when you use TS4, about your computer or installed mods.
  • It tries to detect the TS4 folder and logs data to mod_logs. Folder which contain personal information should be replaced with $HOME or %USERPROFILE% in the log files. Please review them before uploading as exceptions may still contain sensitive information.

* Add 'Clubs'>'Points'
* 'o19.gtcl.print' logs more information
* Add doc for: 'o19.gtcl.' + 'start', 'lead', 'join', 'invite', 'delete', 'print'

* Fixed notification - X not Y has created club.
* Rename folders to 'gtcl' (from 'gt_club_limits')
* New 'Clubs'>'Start gathering' etc. interactions

  • No new features.
  • Bug fix for the 'The Sims 4' folder detection. If the INI file is not written this update should fix it.
  • The initial version still works fine after more than a year. There is no need to update unless you are affected by the bug mentioned above.
  • Tested with S4CL 2.1 and TS4 1.90.375.
  • No new features.
  • Fixed a few GTW strings.

Source Code
The source code is available on GitHub https://github.com/Oops19/GT_Club_Limits.
You may extend, modify, bundle and/or re-upload it.