Widowers Inc. Insurance Service

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2022 at 5:38 PM
Updated: 4th Mar 2022 at 8:53 PM
It has come to my attention that there is apparently no functional life insurance mod for TS4 at present times, and while I was asked to look into a preexisting one, I'm not comfortable doing that considering the creator is still around, even if their mod hasn't been updated in a long time.

So, I decided to make my own. Please read carefully, for claiming life insurance on any Sims that met an untimely (or timely?) demise may be simple, but several conditions will still need to be met.

Note that this now requires XML Injector.

Update log:

When a Sim dies, be it a relative or a spouse, your Sim will have the ability to claim life insurance for them. Note this only applies for deaths tagged as Loss in the family, so you can't go around claiming life insurance for the neighbors who I am sure ate that pufferfish of yours entirely by accident. It is also individual, in the sense that for example, both your spouse and children could claim and receive a payout, though there is no guarantee it'll be a good payout if you decide to try and cash in via your children. ;D

Anyway, you will need a Phone. You can't call Widowers Inc. Insurance Service without reason, because they don't own a phone. They just linger in the shadows and mysteriously slip in their contact details to your phone whenever there's a loss in the family. While still suffering from the effects of that 2-day buff from your beloved Sim's passing, you may apply for an insurance payout on the phone. This will give your Sim a buff that lasts 3 days, signaling their request is being processed.

However, since Widowers Inc. take their services very seriously, you must respect the proper mourning period. Of course, they can't go around risking enabling any dangerous maniacs! So, while you have to apply for the insurance while still having the loss in the family buff, you will need to wait those 2 days out and properly mourn your deceased relative. Once that's done, before the 72 hours since you placed your request are up, you can check the status of your insurance request.

Assuming Widowers Inc. understood your claim to be legitimate (and they always will, unless you let either the mourning time out before you apply, or if you let the 72h go by), you will receive a random payout from Widowers Inc. It can be anything between 1000 and 50000 Simoleons. Why "so little"? Because multiple relatives can receive different amounts, since they may not always be in the same household.

The alternative explanation would be that the payout is random because Widowers Inc. don't trust people to not go around k- I mean, indirectly causing the premature reaping of their spouses.

Anyway, I think that should cover every detail.

This is a rather simple mod, in comparison to others I've done before, but I wanted it to be different from older mods out there, so apologies to anyone who missed the insurance mods made by other creators, since I made mine to be different.

Known issues:
The option to claim the payout doesn't always go away immediately, but from my testing that's a merely visual issue since it won't pay you a second time, even if you manage to catch it and click it again before it disappears.

Zerbu's mod constructor and S4S. Thanks to _Diana1998_ for the request that I look into insurances.