Thespian Career

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2022 at 5:49 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2022 at 10:24 PM
Update 02/10/2022: Added the proper STBLs for other languages, so now it can be translated properly! Also added French translation. Thank you SecretX for both the translation and the help with adding the STBLs — clearly I still have much to learn!

Update 02/07/2022: Added Spanish translation - muchas gracias DOLGINEN

You might have been wondering where the next set of townies is, and I promise it's coming soon, but first...

custom Thespian Career! Because sims are already so dramatic, why shouldn't they get paid for it?

This career REQUIRES the latest version of NRaas Careers in order to function, and you can download that here if you don't have it already.
This is 100% basegame compatible as well, mostly because it's my first career and I didn't want to make it too complicated.

This is a rabbithole career based out of the Theatre, so it will work in any world that contains a Theatre rabbithole. Your sims will need to work on their Athletic and Charisma, as well as their relationships with coworkers and the boss, in order to get promoted.

If anyone would like to translate this career into their own language, please feel free to do so!
Lastly, this is my first career and, while it has been extensively playtested and gone through at least 6 iterations before being deemed uploadable, it's always possible that I could have missed something. If you encounter any errors or mistakes while playing, please let me know! Hopefully I'll get better at this with time, because I have a TON of ideas lined up to create.

special thanks to MissyHissy's incredible tutorial and the advice and testing she and many others in her Discord server provided while I was working on this career; I would still be looking for a missing closing tag right now if it weren't for their help.

Click the spoiler for the list of job titles, descriptions, pay information, and opportunities: