Nails for Masculineframed Girls

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Uploaded: 9th Apr 2022 at 9:21 PM
This mod finally gives your Masculineframed Girls all the Nailspolish they diserve! (Exept my Weddingstoriess because i don't have this)
But the Basegame and the Spa Day nails are now avabile for them.


-This is an Overwrite mod and overwrites the male sims nails so it can conflict with default replacement nails. (males can use the nails without difference. It just enables them for Maleframed Girls to)

-This does not include the Carnevalstreatwear nails because there is a Femaleframed version only and i don't have the know how to make that look apiling to Males.

- As previosly mentioned i dont have my Weddingstories so i can't overide the nails of this pack.

-One of the Basegame nails have a grafical issue on Male sims on the right hand

Have fun :D