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Happy belated pride month everyone! I had intended to have this done during June, but ended up getting busy and having to delay it a bit. Better late than never!! I present: The biggest CC project I’ve done so far.
  • BGC, 2 .package versions
    • Merged and unmerged
    • There’s also a file labeled REQUESTS, this is for flag requests I get in the future, and is an optional download.
  • 500 swatches, including remakes and variations/alternatives.
    • I realize this is a LOT of flags. It’s a lot for me to even remember. Feel free to remove swatches you’re not going to use, the original will always remain up if you want any back!
  • This is NOT an override, it’s a separate object
    • In BB it’s separated into 5 different objects, 100 swatches each.
  • 75-79 Simoleons, to keep them in order, in the Wall Decorations, Paintings & Posters, and Outdoor Wall Decoration Categories
  • The CC wrench icon covers up some flag names in the thumbnails, and I didn’t realize this until I finished all 500, and I don’t want to do them all again. An image is included in the folder to help with this, and you can find CC wrench icon replacers
  • Don’t claim it as your own, and please feel free to tag me if you use it!
  • Most textures were sourced from Pride-Flags Deviant art, LGBTA Wiki, Tumblr, Twitter, or google search. Most flags will have the term definitions/sources linked.
  • Don’t download this if you’re a T[SW]ERF/Queerphobe/Bigot or anything like that, die mad.
Below is a list of every flag I’ve included. A recolor file is included in the zip. Other information and term sources are also below.
And if you would like a flag added, message me on tumblr!

DISCLAIMER: I will not be taking any flags/terms out. Some flags included are reclaimed, uncensored slurs that people genuinely, in good faith, are and identify as. These include D-ke [y], f-gg-t [a,o], F-mb-y [e,o], and Q---r [uee]. There are also some “controversial” flags/indentities, such as Bi Lesbian and similar terms. I personally support these terms, and any good faith identity.
As well as this, a couple of the flags included are by creators who are absolutely terrible people, such as the person who made the original bigender flag and the lipstick lesbian flag, among a few others. I chose to include these still
for many reasons, one being some people still choose to use these flags for many non-bigoted, often reclaimed, reasons. Another being for gameplay that takes place in specific times, those flags are the ones that would’ve been
used then. I am aware of the history of these flags, I respect the people that choose to use/reclaim them, and hope that you understand this decision.
Some flags were also added for occult sims, along with being real terms. I just thought they were fun.
I am trans and nonbinary, neurodivergent, and self-describe as an inclusionist, so if you don’t care for/disagree with a term, just delete it from the file. I do not care, I will not be involved in any discourse, and if you message me about it, I will just ignore you. Please respect my boundaries. Thank you.


Top row: ????‍???? Rainbow, Original Gilbert Baker, Gilbert Baker’s Diversity Flag, Philly Pride, Progress Pride, Gilbert Baker Progress flag, QPOC Pride, Gay Anarchy, Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism
Bottom row: Gay &; Jewish, Gay & Muslim, Gay &; Pagan, Gay & Christian, Gay & Hindu, Gay & Sikh, Gay & Buddhist, Gay & Confucianism, Gay & Shinto, Gay & Taoism [Note: I ended up making all the religious gay flags except for Pagan and Buddhist, if anyone would like a full version of them let me know!]

Top row: Gay & Druidism, COEXIST, Rainbow Love, Gay Furry, Abinary, Abrogender, Abrosexual, Aceflux x2, Asexual Spectrum
Bottom row: Achillean, AegoAroAce x2 [x] [x], Aegoromantic, Aegosexual, Aemotional, Aesthetigender, Agender, Agenderflux/Librafluid, Aliengender

Top row: Aliengender, AlloAce, AlloAro, Altersex, Amatopunk, Ambiamorous, Analterous, Anarchogender x2, Androgynous
Bottom Row: Angeligender x2, Angenital, Angled AroAce, Anthetic, Apagender/Gender Apathetic [originally requested by @maddylena13​], Aphysical, Aplatonic x2, Aponian

Top row: Aporagender, Apothiromantic, Apothisexual, AroAce, AroAce Spectrum x2, Aroflux x2, Aromantic, Aromantic Spectrum
Bottom Row: Asensual, Asexual, Aurorasexual/Genderfluid Lesbian, Aurorian, Autiace, Autiaro, Autigender, Autisexual, Bear Brotherhood, Bellusromantic

Top row: Bellussexual, Bi Gay, Bigender x3, Bi Lesbian x2 [x] [x], Bisexual, Boyflux, Buggender
Bottom Row: Bungender x2, Bunnygender x2, Butch, Butch Lesbian, Caedromantic, Caedsexual, Calypsian, Cassgender

Top row: Catgender x4, requested by @fridgethesimmer​, Halloween Catgender x2, requested by @darkheartthestccat​, Ceterosexual x2, Cinthean, Cisn’t
Bottom row: Cupioromantic, Cupiosexual, Daimogender, Demialterous, Demi-Bi, Demiboy, Demiflux, Demi-Gay, Demigender/Deminonbinary, Demigirl

Top row: Demi-Omni, Demi-Pan, Demiplatonic, Demi-Ply, Demiromantic, Demisensual, Demisexual, Demiromantic, Doggender x2
Bottom Row: Doggender x4, Dollboy x2, Dollgender x3 Drag Community

Top row: Drag Community, Dreadromantic x2, Dyke, Eclipsian, Enbian, Enboric, Ethical Non-Monogamy/ENM, Fa’afafine, Faegender
Bottom row: Faggot, Faunagender x2, Faygender, Femaric, Femboy, Feminamoric, Floragender x3

Top row: Fluidflux x2, Frayromantic, Fraysexual, Futch x3 [x] [x] [x], Gai, Galaxian, Gay Man/MLM
Bottom row: Gay Man/MLM, Gay Man Double Mars, Gay Man by Pequodz x2, Gay Man by Sleepygender [both requested by anonymous], It/Its gay x2 [x] [The second was made by a user called magiciansrabbit, but it appears they have deactivated and I no longer can find the source], Neopronoun Gay, She/Her gay x2 [x] [x]

Top row: They/them gay, [pronouns & gay flags requested by anonymous] GENDERANARCHY x6, Genderfae, Genderfaun, Genderflor
Bottom row: Genderfluid, Genderflux, Genderfrith, Genderfruct, Gender Hoarder, Genderless, GenderNH/Gender Non-Human, Genderpunk x2, Genderqueer

Top row: Gendersatyr, Genderselkie, Gendersylph, Gendervoid x5, Ghostgender x2 [I cannot for the life of me find the source for this one] [x]
Bottom row: Ghostgender x2 [Again, I cannot find the proper source for this one] [x], Ghostgender [the other definition], Girlflux, Gender Non-Conforming/GNC, Greygender, Greyromantic, Greysexual, Heartless Aromantic, Heteroflexible

Top row: Hijra x2 [x] [x], Homoflexible, Intergender x2, Intersex x2, Juparian x2, Juxera

Bottom row: Juxera, Kenochoric, Kingender, Lavender Boy, Leather Community, Lesbian x5 [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [APL’s originally requested by anonymous]

Top row: Labrys Lesbian x2, Trans Labrys Lesbian x2, Lesbian Double Venus, Lesbian Anarchist, He/Him Lesbian x4
Bottom row: It/Its Lesbian x4, Neopronoun Lesbian x2, They/Them Lesbian x4 [pronouns & gay flags requested by anonymous]

Top row: Lesboy, Librafeminine, Libramasculine, Libranonbinary, Lithosexual, Loveless Aromantic x2 [x] [x], Loveloose Aromantic, Lovequeer, Lunagender
Bottom row: Lunagender, Lunarian x2, Lunettian x2, Magicgender x2, apparently mislabeled in their thumbnails oops [x] [x], Māhū, Marsic, Mascic

Top row: Maverique, Mercurian x2, Mergender x2, Mermaidgender x3 [x] [x], MOGAI, Moobloomio [requested by @fridgethesimmer​]
Bottom row: Moobloomgender x2 [requested by @fridgethesimmer​], Moongender x3, Multisexual Spectrum/M-Spec, M-Spec Gay, M-Spec Lesbian, Multigender, Multisexual

Top row: Muxe, Nebularian, Nebularomantic, Nebulasexual, Neptunian, Neptunic, Neurogender, Neutric, Neutrois, Non-SAM Aromantic
Bottom row: Nonbinary, Nonbinary Boy, Nonbinary Girl, Novarian, Nuumian, Objectum Sexual, Obligender, Omnisexual, Omni Gay, Omni Lesbian

Top row: Orchidromantic, Orchidsexual, Oriented Aroace, Pan Gay, Pan Lesbian x2 [x] [x], Panromantic, Pangender, Paraboy
Bottom row: Paragender, Paragirl, Paranonbinary, Plantgender x4 [x] [x], Plato-Ambivalent, Plato-Indifferent, Plato-Negative

Top row: Plato-Positive, Polyamorous Relationship Collector, Polyamorous x5 [x] [x] [x] [x] [x], Polygender, Polysexual, Ply Gay
Bottom row: Ply Lesbian x2 [x] [x], Pomogender, Pomoromantic, Pomosexual x2, Proxvir x2, Pupgender x2

Top row: Pupgender x2, Queer Anarchy, Queer x2 [chevrons originally requested by anonymous], Queerplatonic x2 [x] [x], Questioning, Quoiromantic, Quoisexual
Bottom row: Quoigender, Relationship Anarchy x3, Robotgender x4, [x] [x] [x] Robotogender x2

Top row: Romance-Ambivalent, Romance-Indifferent, Romance-Negative, Romance-Positive, Roseromantic, Rosesexual, Dual Rose, Sapphillean x2, Sapphic
Bottom row: Saturnic, Sex-Ambivalent, Sex-Indifferent, Sex-Negative, Sex-Positive, Singualarian, Solarian x2, Solaric, Sonnian

Top row: Spacialian, Stargender x2, Stellarian x2, Stellaric, Straight Gay x3 [x] [x], Straight Lesbian
Bottom row: Straight Lesbian, Strayt, Sungender x2, Systemfluid, T4T/Trans for Trans, Technosexual x2 [x] [x], Term Collector, Terraric

Top row: Torensexual, Toric, Therian, Tomboy, Transgender, Trans Man, Trans Woman, Transandrogynous, Transaporine, Transfeminine
Bottom row: Transfeminine, Transfemme Gay, Trans Gay x5 [x] [x][x][x][x] [requested by anonymous], TransHet, Trans Lesbian x2 [x] [x] [requested by anonymous]

Top row: Trans Lesbian x3[x] [x] [x] [requested by anonymous], Transmasculine x2, Transmasc Gay, TransNeuFem x2, TransNeuMasc x2
Bottom row: Transneutral AFAB, Transneutral AMAB, Transneutral x2, Transoutherine, Transxenine, Black & Trans, Trigender, Trixensexual, Trixic

Top row: Twink, Two-Spirit x5 [x] [x] [x] [x] [x], Unlabeled x2, Unlabeled Gender, Uranic
Bottom row: Vampiregender x7 [x][x][x], Venusian x2, Venusic

Top row: Viramoric, Voidpunk, Voidrian, Warlockgender, Weregender x2, Werewolfgender x3 [x] [x], Witchgender
Bottom row: Witchgender, Wizardgender x3 [x] [x], Xenic, Xenogender x3[x][x][x],Xyric, Zodiacgender