Monty's Duplex

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2022 at 11:18 AM
Updated: 11th Aug 2022 at 5:35 PM


  • Three bedrooms. Each with double bed.
  • Two and half bathrooms
  • Two equipped kitchens with bar
  • High ceiling dinning room
  • Garden and orange tree
  • Front terrace with buffet table
  • Back patio for grill
  • Garage for two vehicles
  • Roof access
  • Public pool area
  • Everything is illuminated
  • All flowers has sprinklers. All bushes are accessible for trimming.
  • Smoke detector is in great room
  • Burglar alarms are in great room and hallway

No CC was used


There are various CC mods used and shown up in screens but not mandatory to install:
I have used only object fixes for in-game items and global lighting mods. They are not included with package and not necessary for install since these are not affect the gameplay. But you may need them to reach same appearance of this lot in your game. Here is the list:
General tips to place and use the lot:
  • Install using default Sims 2 Pack Installer or S2PCI
  • Download CC of your choise and place it into your C:\...\Documents\EA Games\The Sims™ 2...\Downloads\
  • The lot was made for placement in Veronaville to tile the area surrounding road circles. These will fit perfect there due to size.
  • To rent furnished apartment, turn on testing cheats and move in using enterance door menu or use this mod to unhide the feature permanently.
  • I do not use Pond and Sea Water Overhaul any more. But this lot still has one pool which required for water shaders to work.
  • Apparently this house is implying risky gameplay for Antonio Monty as well as for any family which recognises as poor. In vanilla game his family founds makes him worthy the least one-room starter. Once Antonio arrives to new starter property, he has three days out of job and get bills which unfortunately he will not able to pay unless he has no money left in stocking. Broken appliances, babysitter services could tire him even more.
    Then you ask, how does poor Antonio live in such apartment since this house is a huge cash-grab? When I was building this house for Antonio, I kept in mind that he should keep his money half after pay rent. He has a great job, which brings a lot of chance cards. If he will work fine, then he could afford first two weeks to live in this apartment. He can ask landlord for repairs, and neighbors to sit with kids as needed. In third week he would not have afford this apartment even with promotion and help from his grown up kids, but trust me, he will.
    I suggest you to start from: a) building relationships with his neighbor and landlord and b) find an extra source for money. For money you can force Antonio to marry Titania Summerdream or try to start his business on the rest money half, or find a roommate. Maybe start to grow money trees in the attic? You choose. You have at least two weeks to make his life stable.
  • Two units has mirrored house plans with equal amenities. These are best for wealthy not starter families with pets and toddlers.
  • All files were checked through Sims2Pack Clean Installer. Compressed with Chris Hatch's Lot Compressor. House had never been inhabited. Was playtested with copy as residential and apartment lot.

Known bugs, issues and tips:
  • Unfortunately most of necessary decorations like ceiling beams will be lost once your sim will rent this house unfurnished. I suggest you to rent this house furnished.
  • In unmodded game sims will use the garage door in this duplex more often because it's walk through and closer to the road then the main entrance which is placed pretty far on the rear terrace. However the apartment door still remains for being used by NPC sims and to ring the door bell.
    The issue is your guests may recognise the garage door an exit which can make them walk in circles when leaving or waving hands like there's no route. Even worse, when your guest is the neighbor from another unit, when you place him next to his main enterance with the cheat, he turns around from his door, goes to his garage door and still tries to pass it through. So the only way to get rid from him is to leave the apartment or delete him which I never used because it may lead to game corruption.
    At least, that's how it has happened in my game during the playtest. I count it as game bug and suggest you to use this or this mod to prevent the garage door from using by sims at all.
    Something to improve route find could have helped too. But I don't know any mod of the kind. So once I saw my guest go in circles, I grab them outside of apartment with move objects cheat.

Regards. Vic ^_^

Lot Type: Apartment Base
Lot Features: High Class Lot. No shared walls between units, thus no fog of privacy and no any noise from your neighbors.

Lot Size: 3x5
Number of units: 2
Weekly Rent: $10.679/$10.691

Additional Credits:
MTS staff