The Postcard Legacy Challenge Scenario: Farmer to Baker

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2022 at 10:31 PM
Ever since I began making custom scenarios just-shy-of a year ago, the one challenge I most desperately wanted to adapt was the Postcard Legacy Challenge by sojuteatime. Basically functioning as a Lepacy with domestic trappings and a continual thread of story through the generations, it remained #1 on my list of 'must make custom someday' for quite some time... and now that we have Proud Parent providing the final piece of the puzzle for getting childhood aspirations to count when they're not the starter Sim, I can finally post this first pass!

Some goals did have to be compromised, sad to say - I cannot for the life of me get story developments within the Baker generation to play out automatically, for instance, and I had to put numbers on more broad-strokes goals or else you'd be there forever. But I hope this initial attempt nonetheless pleases you!