Eco Lifestyle and Far Cry 5 conversions
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So now that Eco Lifestyle is here, some changes have definitely arrived to key uploads of mine. The uploads at the Dozerfleet Labs blog on Blogger are taking priority for me at the moment; but I may submit changes to MTS as well. However, those won't be top priority, as nitpicks on following guidelines are much stricter.

Some side rants

I started the blog elsewhere partially to offer more variety, and partially because not all moderators are equal. Some, I can have rational discussions with about fixing upload items. Others, it seems, just enjoy throwing weight around.

Rather than sit down and try to discern and assess how well each moderator does their jobs, I'd prefer to go to a site where I set the standards for the uploads. Where I have more assurance that the issue will be with imagination and quality, not with measuring the lengths of each other's man-parts.

I went into making these for inspiration, not drama. Alas, it seems drama is unavoidable in this world. Somewhere, someone will always be determined to instigate it.

One reason I no longer promote the Girls Incarcerated outfit conversions on Instagram, for example, is because Instagram users seem determined to prove why they can't have nice things. Alas, if my complaint to Instagram doesn't fit one of the pre-defined, politically-correct categories, then I can't report abusive posts. Staff simply won't care.

It isn't about dealing with actual abuse, for Instagram / Facebook; it's all about Zuck's politics. Thanks, but no thanks.

Lots being changed

Now, the most prominent upload that will be receiving changes will be the Far Cry 5 Boyd Residence on MTS. Uploads to MTS of the new version will likely come later. Dozerfleet Labs will get the new version of that house conversion for Sims 4 much sooner.

There isn't too terribly much that will change. However, the new ladder object to replace stairs will be the most noticeable new detail. Boyd's house will also get proper solar panels. The old version will remain here on MTS, for those willing to still use Sigma1202's mod version of the solar panels.

The Far Cry: New Dawn version, dubbed Traitor's Bluff, is a Gallery and DzMD exclusive. Seeing as it's not really habitable, I made it a decorative Generic lot. The bunker still has a few usable objects in it; but the main house is mostly gutted.

The house at 1205 N. 1st. St. in Boonville, IN, has been redone. New screenshots will accompany the new build, and the old build will be retired. The version available now is not accurate, made before Realm of Magic. This new one will feature on Dozerfleet Labs; and the MTS version will eventually be updated as well.

Its Post-Apocalyptic Build is already available on Dozerfleet Labs, as part of the Sodality: Instigation Story Pack. This version is not getting an MTS upload.

The Boonville City Hall is currently a shell, and it will remain a DzMD / Dozerfleet Labs exclusive. As will its post-apocalypse render. While the interior would be nice for storyboarding Inferno, I don't own the rights to any reference photos. This is because when I went to Warrick County to get this, the city hall staff declined my request to tour the building and take pictures, stating "security reasons." This is also why the hospital where the Flippo triplets were born is not visually depicted yet.

Imaki Izuki's home in Ciem: Inferno, remains a Gallery and DzMD exclusive. His post-apocalypse bunker has been rebuilt from scratch for Sodality: Instigation. This required some continuity changes. While Imaki stayed for a little while at 1344 Lovers' Lane; he has moved as of mid-2014 to 209 N. 2nd St. That is also where he builds his apocalypse bunker, in a hidden location beneath the garage. Technically, it isn't finished until 2018. He starts building it right away, little by little, as he and hired help have time (help he was able to hire with the share of money he got from Stan and Shalia before they died.)

This retcon was necessary, as there is not enough internal home visual information available online anywhere about 1344 Lovers' Lane to justify making it Imaki's Gerosha home (as well as one of the homes with joint custody of Candi.) However, the house at 209 N. 2nd Street in Boonville provided just enough information to allow a build to exist. Not enough to guarantee accuracy with wall placements, mind you. But just enough to ensure that a reasonable build of the exterior and yard can exist. More to that; the bunker is fictional anyway. But it's location still needs to be logical. The closer the Gerosha universe can follow real-life Boonville geography, the better.

The Hut of Kamohoalii is being fixed for Eco Lifestyle as well, and may get an MTS release after the DzMD release is finished. It will be included in the Anarteq Saga Story Pack, as it features far more prominently in the epilogue of Lohtz and in Anarteq: Tropic Mercenary than it does in Ciem / Anarteq: Kahoopiliana, Cherinob 3, or Sodality: Instigation. It doesn't feature at all in the Centipede and Fire Saga, in spite Ciem: Ash Cloud acknowledging its existence.
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