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Date Posted: 21st Oct 2020 at 4:23 PM Views: 69
I try to be fairly broad in my distribution of my Sims4 mods. I have them obviously on as well as Sims4Studio and, as far as Sims4 content goes, is probably one of the least-trafficked public sites out there, but overall I like it.

My stuff on Nexus is here .

Note: If you do ever decide to download stuff from Nexus, at least when it comes to Sims4 content, DO NOT use their vortex mod manager for automatic downloads. Just download manually and unzip as usual.

While I've downloaded gigabytes of content from TheSimsResource, I find it slow, even as a subscriber, and I don't like paywalls. Nexus has a pay system as well, but their slow-mode free downloads are fast enough, and performing searches on Nexus is definitely faster than on TSR.

I also used to post my stuff at my own site at but I'm not really in the mood to play web developer, even using cookie-cutter systems like Wix, Weebley, Blogger, etc.
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