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Date Posted: 2nd Jan 2020 at 7:38 PM

Originally Posted by Daniel_USA
im using the off the grid variant and am getting errors with MCCM.
I only have MCCM and this mod installed.
'sims4.tuning.instances.Teknikah: computer_Picker_PutPetUpForAdoption
[manus] Exception while finalizing tuning for <class 'sims4.tuning.instances.Teknikah: computer_Picker_Chat_Style_Influencer
only the off the grid one seems to be causing errors because i just downloaded the other file and it didnt throw an error.

Not sure what the problem is but I will investigate. Perhaps I changed something I didn't need to? or accidentally deleted a section of code? will compare to original
• computer_Picker_PutPetUpForAdoption
• computer_Picker_Chat_Style_Influencer

^ Errors seem to stem from unowned packs. When altering the tuning I assumed any interactions that were added with expansion/game/stuff packs would be hidden if the relevent packs aren't owned. Don't think I could do anything about this, without putting up another version specifcally without certain packs, and going through and deleting offending super affordances. Do not want to do this. Will keep 1 mod file. No reports of serious problems regarding this, so I don't see it's a major issue at this point in time.
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Date Posted: 29th Dec 2019 at 12:37 PM

Updated animation code from computer_Detective_CRossReferencePoliceDatabase to computer_SocialNetwork_SocialMediaCareer_InternetPersonality_BroadcastStatus

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Date Posted: 28th Dec 2019 at 6:00 PM

Updated animation code from computer_Browse_Foodie to computer_Detective_GetCaseAssignment

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Date Posted: 21st Dec 2019 at 9:30 PM

I've realised I'm missing the swatch for the Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat, this has now been added to my WIP file
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Date Posted: 16th Dec 2019 at 12:18 PM

Off-The-Grid version updated for Discover University.

New file uploaded
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Date Posted: 15th Dec 2019 at 11:47 AM

Changed the animation code down to computer_ReasearchSkills

Putting animation work on hold to finish update to Discover University first. I will finish this, update the download file and continue work on the animations. When that is finished I will upload and replace both files for a single version.

Currently updated (all done!):
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Animations for the orb

Date Posted: 14th Dec 2019 at 1:09 PM

I'm going to keep a journal log of my Realm of Magic Familiar Orb Computer. Mainly so I can keep track of what I'm doing and what decisions I've made. It will also let others keep track of my progress, and possibly make suggestions should anyone want to look at this. All suggestions, bug reports, etc are welcome.

Ever since I started working on this mod I wanted to change the animations but I've not been able to figure out how.

I think I've come across a way of changing it to something I'm more or less happy with for now;

In each tuning I am deleting:
To remove the typing and mouse animations.

I am at the moment going to leave the majority of interactions with:
31661<!--Computer_Use_Read--> and/or 31397<!--Computer_Use_Read_Screen-->
Any type of social function will also include:
10222<!--Computer_Chat_Read--> and/or 99858<!--Computer_Use_React--> As this sort of looks like they are talking to the screen, sort of like a crystal ball Skype call?

The powered version of my orb doesn't have any detailed ObjectTuning - and since I will need this more detailed tuning I will most likely end up with the 1 version of the mod; the off-the-grid version. This is because that version already has nearly every interaction disected and altered to function OTG. I can just go into these and alter the animation code.

Changing the animations this way also (sort of) negates the need of muting SFX, as they are mainly tied to the typing and mouse animations, which I am deleting.

ISSUE: When first turning the computer on, sims will still click with an invisible mouse. I don't quite know where to locate the code that causes this at the moment.

1 - Deleting mouse/keyboard animation code
2 - Adding react animation code for social interactions
3 - There will eventually only be 1 version of the mod (OTG)
4 - On to do list to fix turning on animation
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