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Date Posted: 11th Jul 2006 at 4:49 PM

I've been considering an old collection I'd started working on. I am not sure how well it is working out, though I want to finish it eventually. It is my learning project for meshing and using a repository. Unfortunately, I think I was too ambitious, and parts just aren't working right.

However, I am considering a simpler learning project, and building a house around it, as I relearn all that meshing stuff, perhaps with 3dsmax. I have it, I might as well learn how to use it for making sim stuff.
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What's planned

Date Posted: 10th Jul 2006 at 3:46 PM

I know I've been scarce of late, but there is a good reason. In march, my then housemate, friend and landlord kicked me out to the curb. And while I had somewhere to go, I had no computer access. Once I got settled in, I decided to try to make a legacy family - learning in the course of several months that I can't do it. Being stuck to only maxis items for house decor drove me nuts, as did trying to get a sim through a pregnancy without a single cheat, not to mention rearing children. *shudder*

However, I'm about to go through all of my downloads and creations, put them back into my downloads folder and turn back on Wing3d, milkshape and blender, as well as working on some new architectural tricks to make some really nice houses and objects for everyone to enjoy.

So stay tuned and I should have some new goodies soonish, as work allows.
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